This is the best Knex Wii Zappers I've found on this website. There's quite a lot of peices but it'll do.
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Step 1: Handle

Handle is at the right size and numchuck addition door

Step 2: Barrel

This is where you add your Wii remote. You also biuld your trigger too.

Step 3: Putting it together

Picture of Putting it together

Step 4: Add Elastic

Picture of Add Elastic

Step 5: How to hold

Picture of How to hold

Step 6: Inserting Wii Remote

Picture of Inserting Wii Remote

Step 7: Inserting Numchuck

Picture of Inserting Numchuck
metalsonic3 years ago
ooocol223 years ago
this is AWESOME
ive modded it!!!!!
can't post destroyed it:(
Cheezpaper4 years ago
"This is the best Knex Wii Zappers I've found on this website."

Yeah, real modest.

But where's the part for the nunchuck?
r3ddr4gon6 years ago
yo i made the end i can post it if anyone wants
hiue r3ddr4gon5 years ago
yeah you should pst the end plz
Looks pretty solid! Also, the fact that it's made out of Knex is awesome. Ever thought about posting it on WiiArmory?
Ajruiz5 years ago
any good for resident evil chronicles?
i have started building this and if it's alright im gonna make a mod to get rid of the corners that stick and a few other things.
ravilis6 years ago
To all of you who post here. (execpt for the creator of this FINE instructable.) Have you people even made this thing? It is epicly usefull. And so what if it looks a little bit.....wonky... I use it for a game i got called goast squad and i love it. 5/5 *s
ghost squad is awesome
yes, yes it is. just a week ago i got to lv.99
ravilis6 years ago
Also i modded it so you can hold it with 1 hand on the trigger and one on the lower par of it. I could post a pic if someone asks.
Kaiven6 years ago
i like this, might use it when i get a wii xD
Jahoovi (author) 6 years ago
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Ward_Nox6 years ago
needs a mount for the nunchuck to be a "wii zapper" but not a bad start
Jahoovi (author)  Ward_Nox6 years ago
u dont need a mount... y do u need it?
because you called it te wii zapper wich has a mount for the Chuck
DYLEGO6 years ago
urs looks so great with those red corners randomly sticking out of the top. i think urs migh really be better than mine. ps. if u havent figured it out yet, i was being sarcastic.
Jahoovi (author)  DYLEGO6 years ago
DYLEGO6 years ago
best knex wii ZAPPERS huh? wow great spelling. p.s. how do u find ur own wii zapper? when u posted it, as in wjen u wrote that, it wasnt on yet. [duh]
DYLEGO DYLEGO6 years ago
if u click on that duh, u will be sent to this page, where u can read that comment all over again. yay!
Storm9506 years ago
The trigger part you pull looks nasty, I am sure you could come up with something better.
lol it looks "nasty"?
Well it looks like it would fall apart after so long, and it just looks ugly and does not look like it would have a smooth trigger pull
Jahoovi (author)  Storm9506 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
DYLEGO Jahoovi6 years ago
ill tell u whos is better!!! MINE. read popomasters comments. He says urs suks, mine is better. period. now why dont u just shut up about it before instructables gets mad at u again and kiks u off?!?!?!?!!!!! actually, keep talking and well just see what happens. when ur banned well all be laughing, not u.
DYLEGO DYLEGO6 years ago
plus, all u did was copy mine but change it a little. u used thesame exact firing mechanism as me, even the sametilted grey ends. build ur own, and next time, dont call it better, because it wont be.
popomaster6 years ago
i think mine is better, but your is good for how little pieces, i made a shotgun style one
Jahoovi (author)  popomaster6 years ago
post it
did u see mine? i have a forum and stuff with lots of pictures
Jahoovi (author)  popomaster6 years ago
apples!!!!!6 years ago
quite a lot of pieces?
Jahoovi (author)  apples!!!!!6 years ago
hardly any? what are you talking about? pretty good though accept the trigger.