Picture of Knex Winchester Rifle
This is my first instructable. I got this gun to shoot 45 feet. It has a lever action loading system (the loading system only holds one bullet). This gun can fold up but thats optional.In order to fold it up it will need hinges.This is a great gun for skill builders and beginners.This gun is pretty easy to make but hard at some points. hinges are optional if u dont want it to fold replace with orange conecter by the way this isn't my gun its some guy off of youtube

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this instructable was made in my sisters room it was her rules if she let me use her camera

Step 1: Stock

Picture of stock
the orange conecter is only for if you want to fold it up the orange conecter clips in to the lever where the white rod is
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COCOKITTY5 years ago
I would give 3 stars overall because it has good design but it doesn't work for me because everything just breaks or flies off so the part where you load the bullet that flies off and when you try to move it back forward it wont move forward completely...so tbh waste of 2 1/2 hours
i would give it well mine cuse i modded it 4.2*s
COCOKITTY5 years ago
can you substitute the blue clips
yes u can as long as u dont put the grey connecters on it
mrmuffin3 years ago
It only takes me about 20 seconds to load and fire (Well i modded it hugely but still sadly it only holds one shot) P.S. do not load it like he does put the blue rod so it is like 7/8ths out of the holding thing and 1/8th of it is in the the lever actually works on the first try hoped this helped! Well START BUILDING IF U HAVENT!!!!!!!!!
Complete waste of time!!!! Takes forever to load.
knexfreak956 years ago
now this is awsome
i see in this pic it is ur sisters room
silentassasin21 (author)  knexfreak956 years ago
yeah your the first person to reconize that
I know this is old but why were you in your sister's room.
CuddlesMcT5 years ago
i will instantly subscirbe to anyone that posts a lever action mechanism, no matter how bad or good it is. As long as you have a good idea, im onboard for it :D
The gnasher shotgun. do an 'ible search.
Nah..I prefer ones that shoot knex XD
s0lekill3r attempted to build one but the lever did not pull back the firing pin... If only this gun would hold more than one bullets... Then it would be awesome.
i am working on one.
if the lever did pull the pin back, it would be just as weak as a semi auto.
slywolf286 years ago
where's the firing pin?
silentassasin21 (author)  slywolf286 years ago
last pic
I know you don't have the gun anymore, but could you please tell me how the trigger and firing pin work, or where they are connected?
that is tiny
benfoxg7 years ago
Is it okay that I used this stock on my carbine?
silentassasin21 (author)  benfoxg7 years ago
sure just give credit to me
thats not your gun though -_- Its tomboyrme's gun, he has a channel on youtube, and this gun is EXACTLY the same. you can't tell him to give you credit if its not your gun.
how do you know that they're not the same person?
because she has her own account
ah. didnt know that. still, i have different account names for different things; for example, my email is dsblackout while my ibles name(and a lot of other things) are mettaurlover. my DA account is tehgodman; how different's that for you?
well, the guns on his page are different then hers, and she posted very similar instructions a while ago. PS - I dont really know why I replied, I hate knex now.
i modded this; no more lever action, not foldable and it uses dsman's ratchet system for a trigger. overall, nice design for the gun, nice principles, but poor operation(at least in my case) also added a handle right near where the part of the lever that moved the chamber back and a trigger that goes all the way back. now it's a one handed easily aimable rifle.
sdds6 years ago
King_Banana6 years ago
im pretty sure this is the first ible i ever built(b4 i was a member)
silentassasin21 (author)  King_Banana6 years ago
hehe cool did you like it
well im not blaming this on you im blaming it on the youtube guy i couldent get the loading part like the 2 orange pieces and the rubber band to keep it on i cant get that to work rite so i scraped it
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
does not really look like a Winchester to me, but you be the judge
i see what you mean, that winchester is brown and woody in places, and in other places it is black and metallic. but the knex one is mostly yellowish but with some red, blue, green, white, orange, and black in places.
I didnt exactly mean color, but its you opinion I actually meant the overall look and shape of the gun
I like how its a true lever action.
yes, its very original
slywolf286 years ago
this gun had some problems. after i figured out the firing pin the freaking thing flew off the gun
silentassasin21 (author) 6 years ago
i had this gun about a year ago i dont have it sorry
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