K'nex Windmill Shuriken (Fuuma Shuriken)





Introduction: K'nex Windmill Shuriken (Fuuma Shuriken)

This is a giant folding shuriken modeled after the ones seen in the anime series Naruto. it even has the hole through the center!

Step 1: Center Ring

make two of these, only one needs the blue rods on it.

Step 2: Blades

Step 3: Putting It All Together

ok, somehow the pics for this step got lost in transferring them to my computer so follow the yellow boxes. and thats it, enjoy  =:^b



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    I wanna build this...my only problems are, it bends pieces, and I may not have enough green x.x Sad day.

    the amount that the pieces bend is very minimal, and only in the blade section. i hope you can find enough pieces though!

    It's not a terrible bend like most 'ibles, so I could do it. And I checked, I'd have to order more. nooo

    are you even asian? just wondering

    no....i just enjoy the challenge of building these type of abstract weapons

    I don't know if I did it wrong or what, but it's a pain to fold/unfold the blades. Is it supposed to be like this?

    there should be a fair amount of pressure needed to be applied in order to turn the blades, this is so that when they are open the stay like that and dont slide around

    I noticed. The more I fiddled with it the easier it was to move the blades around.