K'nex Windmill




Introduction: K'nex Windmill

A quick video of a cool k'nex windmill i made. sorry you have to download the video but i dont have a youtube to link to this instructable. if you dont like it then just delete the video. if someone could tell me how to embed a video please tell me. THANKS



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    there i put pictures in just for you. do you like it

    Yes, I like the way you did the gears. However, you should have the crank turn the red gear, and the small gear turn the blades. That way it will spin much faster.

    Yea your right but my excuse is I made this late at night

    Don't you just love it when someone posts something... THAT DOESN'T WORK? XD

    I don't know if it works, and I never said that. But yes, I don't like that.

    send me the link and i can help

    Naw is ok I got a YouTube maybe I'll post it on there