K'nex Wipeout





Introduction: K'nex Wipeout

Here is my new ride. It is called Wipeout. It is a very fun fair ride. It got it's name because the motors go the opposite way creating a wave like motion.
I really hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: The Base.

Follow the pictures.

Step 2:

Step 3: The Ride

Follow the pictures, do it very carefully. At the last photo, don't worry if the rod doesn't poke through the end of the motor.

Step 4: The Detail and Support

Follow the pictures. When creating the last picture, you don't need to print the "Wipeout". If you want just look up "Wipeout Logo".

Step 5: Finished!

Finally, you are done. To get it to work properly. Turn the green motor "down" and the black motor "up". Then you get a massive-realistic-wave like ride!! Please pm me for suggestions and as such.



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    Another great ride build! And the title looks very professional :) great job!

    Thank-you! Are the instructions clear enough to build?

    Definitely, they are extremely good and clear! Well done :D

    Thankyou!!! Do you have enough pieces to build it? Cuz if you do, plz build it and post pic. ~(o-o~)

    I really wish I could, but I'm in the process if making a ball machine ;)

    Oh. I understand, whats the ball machine's name? Did you post it on here yet? :)

    Its being built :) it has no name but I'm open to suggestions :) I expect it will take over a month

    Ah. That's cool. Some suggestions for the name are: Slasher, Breaking Dawn, Sunset, Sunrise, Determinator, Storm Runner, and Maverick.