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Introduction: K'nex - Wunderwaffe DG-2

About: Hello there I'm Zombiekiller-93 but me can call me Jay. I like making models of K'nex guns from the Call Of Duty games that don't shoot anything because I just like it as a model because I just really do. I ...

Hey guys, this is my replica of the Wunderwaffe DG-2 which is one of my favourite weapons from Call Of Duty: Zombies. In the Zombies storyline, it was created by Group 935 members Dr Edward Richtofen and Dr Maxis in Der Riese, it was intended to be a mass produced weapon supplied to the Nazis in order to the win World War II. 


It was introduced in Shi No Numa and Der Riese as a wonder weapon that is powered by Element 115 which was a meteor that was use to create zombies as well as the ray gun, the pack-a-punch machine and the teleporters in Der Riese and Kino Der Toten. The Wunderwaffe DG- 2 fired a 200,000 ampere lightning bolt that could kill up to 10 zombies in one shoot. When it is Pack-A-Punched it becomes the Wunderwaffle DG-3 JZ which will now kill up to 24 zombies in one shoot.           


It includes the vacuum tubes, a trigger, the switch that is used to turn the real thing on/off and also the handle which does not move side to side like the real thing. It does not shoot anything, it is just a model.


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    LOL, that would be very wired and I pretty sure that it unlikely to happen, not even in a million years.

    It would be awesome though :p

    Jaydryden, I haven't seen a picture of a real Wunderwaffe before, but I doubt it's this box-like. For your next build I would look at some other people's models (Dr. Richtofen and The Red Book of Westermarch) to see how to get 'curves' in your gun. Even if the trigger is behind the handle in the real gun, I'd put it in front for practical purposes. Overall, for your first build, a very nice job!

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    Its not a real gun, its from Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies. I will take your advice but I haven't got a clue when gonna I'am going to do a update on this because of the 6ft Ferris Wheel I built, it took up loads of pieces from a huge K'nex project that was built back in 2008 that I had kept it together all those years up until 2013 which I'am going to rebuild it again and publish it on instructables and then well, will just have to wait and see :)

    I've seen the ferris wheel. That beautiful marvel of engineering takes priority. Some projects are destined to be better than others, you know. :3

    I wonder if anyone will make a working knex thunder gun. Obviously it want shoot some sort of energy pulse but instead make it shoot a bunch of rods, but still make it look like a thunder gun.

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    i built one as well, i'll have to post em some pics. it looks just like it!

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    This is my Wunderwaffe that I built around a year ago...
    ...sorry the pictures are blurry, I took them with my ipod.
    (3rd pic is 1st person view)

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    this looks identical

    You know its wunderwaffe, not wunderwaffle. Waffe is german for weapon, so the name of the gun is simply wonderweapon.

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