This is a gun that I made completely off the top of my head...

Great Accuracy
Good Range 35-50 ft
Can pack a serious blow
Has a mag
High Power

Needs more power
Long loading time
not the best looking
Stock is iffy

The gun is worth giving a try. It can easily be modded I think.  CHECK OUT THE X-11 ASSULT SHOTGUN!!! 

Compare this first version VS. the new X-14

Link to X-14 https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-X-14-Shotgun/
what kind of handle is that??????????????
The handle of shameful noobs. That was like the first handle I ever made lol. :)
ok <br>
And it only took almost exactly a year and a half to reply to that comment.
please post instructions
Sorry, I cant. Its been gone for over 10 months.
It looks nothing like an M16.
wtf did m16 come from this
i reckon he some how managed to mix up G3 with M16, still I agree with you
not so sure about 60ft range, neees a new handle stock, and a longer mag. 2.5*
I can see where youre going. I dont know what I can do to increase the range, but I might increase the mag length, and I should put a new stock on it.
no i dont think it can get 60ft range, but if it can its better than 70% of my guns
Ok 3.5*.
not bad. needs new handle and stock

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