This is the most powerful knex shotgun ive made so far!!!

Extremely High Power
Very High Range 55-70 ft
Causes major damage
Very accurate for a shotgun
Good grip
Comfy Handle
10 grams of bullet for your enemy

Slow Fire Rate
Only holds 5 rounds
Trigger is a little weak

This gun is just short of LETHAL and being able to leave big holes in cardboard, I have not tested sharpened rods yet though.

This is a great secondary gun in a war of knex, due to the high damage but slow as hell fire rate.

Knexpro558 months ago

I can't find the instuctions

Great job!
beanieostrich (author)  PotatoCoffee3 years ago
Thanks man. =) This was probably my first "good" gun so to speak.
nathan7334 years ago
pretty cool are you going to post?
beanieostrich (author)  nathan7334 years ago
Hey man, this thing was blown up over 5 months ago =( Im working on a secret shottie for independence day.
o sorry! ill just wait for the secret shottie then! ;)
beanieostrich (author)  nathan7334 years ago
I will give you one secret though: It comes in two versions.
really!! cool! i wont tell anybody! ;)
~KnexBuild~4 years ago
the handle is a bit big though the rest is cool 4.5*.
cool looks like a b.a.r
NatNoBrains4 years ago
I would build this if it were an 'ible :) 4.5*
beanieostrich (author)  NatNoBrains4 years ago
Ya know, I just might make an 'ible of the X-16 sometime, glad you like it!!
webby4274 years ago
Nice 4*.
~KGB~4 years ago
nice ;L