This is the most powerful knex shotgun ive made so far!!!

Extremely High Power
Very High Range 55-70 ft
Causes major damage
Very accurate for a shotgun
Good grip
Comfy Handle
10 grams of bullet for your enemy

Slow Fire Rate
Only holds 5 rounds
Trigger is a little weak

This gun is just short of LETHAL and being able to leave big holes in cardboard, I have not tested sharpened rods yet though.

This is a great secondary gun in a war of knex, due to the high damage but slow as hell fire rate.

<p>I can't find the instuctions</p>
It does shoot, it uses a slingshot mech though.
then 5
Great job!
Thanks man. =) This was probably my first &quot;good&quot; gun so to speak.
Yeah <br>
pretty cool are you going to post?
Hey man, this thing was blown up over 5 months ago =( Im working on a secret shottie for independence day.
o sorry! ill just wait for the secret shottie then! ;)
I will give you one secret though: It comes in two versions.
really!! cool! i wont tell anybody! ;)
the handle is a bit big though the rest is cool 4.5*. <br>
no barat asukkt riffle look them up their awsome
do you mean Barrett assault rifle
no im prety sure its barat automatic riflle (sory for the poor spelling ) the cocept asult riflle (sttg 44/3 depends how you roll) was made/conceived about 20 years later
i cant find the image on Google images can you post a comment with a pic
is the 1st one the barat assukt rifle ? or is the 2nd one barat im sorta confused
the first one is a Browning Automatic Rifle 1918(b.a.r.), while the second one is a STG44(Storm Gewehr 1944)
yje first one and tw its browning not barrat
ooohh ok and i thought you were saying barat and yes brownings are awesome why is there an stg44 next to brownings stg's rock btw
cause you called it a assult riffle and i said the first one was made in 20 years and was the sttg 44 and yes they do rock hard
yep their even used today
realy i didnt know that.
im impressive how a gun used in world war || i think is still you used today huh?
yeah it is pretty cool<br>
i meant its impressive
i know we all make mistakes<br>
oh like the stg44 oh well looky here another name 4 stg44 i agree with you stg44's r cool
no no no it browning automatic rilfe not barat what are you on about???
i know sosz bad day and my spelling is prety poor anyways sosz for any inconvinec
no it stand for browning automatic rifle
no b.a.r means browning automatic rifle u n00b
hes not noob
cool looks like a b.a.r
I would build this if it were an 'ible :) 4.5*
Ya know, I just might make an 'ible of the X-16 sometime, glad you like it!!
Nice 4*.
nice ;L<br>

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