Knex XM8 10 Shot Rifle 1.7, by Bannana Inventor.





Introduction: Knex XM8 10 Shot Rifle 1.7, by Bannana Inventor.

This is a true trigger 10 round knex rifle. It looks like an XM8 most amongst other guns so that's what I called it. This gun has very good power and high accuracy. It is easy to cock and never jams. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to rate and comment.

Version history:
  • 1.0 Was an ugly 5 shot pistol.
  • 1.1 Highered the trigger and gave a better maggazine.
  • 1.3 Perfected trigger and body and added a thin but suprising strong stock
  • 1.5 Added the barrel and scope mount.
  • 1.7 Lenthened the barrel and made stock bigger with a cocking slide.

- bannana inventor

Step 1: The Central Body.

1 Build this.
2 Make the other side of the body and the barrel.
3 Connect everything as shown.

Step 2: Building the Handle. ( Look It's a Happy Face )

Build and connect the handle. I think you should know how to connect on your own.

Step 3: The Barrel.

1 Make these things.
2 Connect the last made pieces and then make the top piece.
3 Make the magazine.
4 Connect everything and make/slid in the magazine RAM.

Step 4: The Stock/Butt.

1,2,3 Make these.
4 Connect as shown.

Step 5: Finishing Up.

1 This is the ammo I recomend using however this gun gun also shoot Blue rods or Two gray single connectors on a white rod, or anything that will fit in the magazine.
2 Connect and place rubber bands as shown.

How to shoot:
Pull back the orange piece on the stock to cock. The magazine RAM will move up and the trigger will slightly move forward when you have pulled it back far enough. Then obveously pull the trigger.

Thank You for building my gun and don't forget to rate and comment!!! :D

Step 6: EXTRAS:

This step is a scope and bi-pod addition. (This is not required.)

1 This is the mounted scope.
2 Build the scope as shown. You aim by looking through the gray connectors' holes.
3 This is the mounted bi-pod.
4 and 5 Build this.
6 Connect the two halves and add blue rods where shown.
7 Attach the Black Y connectors to each side if you are on the carpet. For stick in the carpet and keep the stock from sliding.
8 Finally attach the stock to the mount underneath the barrel.\

Now you are done. Thank You. :D



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