Knex Xbox 360 Game, Controller, Console, and Guidebook Cabinet





Introduction: Knex Xbox 360 Game, Controller, Console, and Guidebook Cabinet

A basic model of a 360 game, guidebook, and controller holder. This particular model holds 24 games, two controllers, has a space to hang a wired headset, and another compartment to hold guidebooks or other gaming devices.



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    Master Race PC here. Better than xbox and ps3 combined.

    sweet when and if I get an xbox ill build this or somthing of the like...

    yea!plz i have ps3 will it work with that too?

    cool tell us how to make it!

    Sweet. I want a ible so I may build it.

    insanecreator92 ... stop being mean xbox is awesome

    could u plz make the instructions for the game cabinet

     nice i dig it but still i made my own from wood and it works just as good

     A sorted dispenser would be nice to see, but it would be real hard to make.


    pppppppppppllllllllllllllllssssssssssssssss post i want to put up hi so my sister (5) doesn't scratch up games like she does to her dvds and one wii game

    I will give you 50 bucks if you post the instructions for it

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    I just dont think Ill be able to, sorry. 

    i can post mine if you want its alot alike its in my slide show that im not shure if its working but if u guys want me to post it ill get right on it

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    Alot like this? That's a huge understatement, it looks as if you built yours from looking at this slideshow, but I know I'll never get around to posting an instructable for this, so feel free to post yours.

    hi could you send some pics on how to make it coz i want to make one for my brother thanks

    Nicely done, if only I had a 360. Computer>all

    Here"s my prototype game cabinet

    Sorry bout the picture quality
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    I'm probable gonna be working a new one soon ...