Hey everybody, this is something I've had for a while to keep some of my games organized. It's become really useful and I'd thought I'd just share my creation with everyone. Now onto some cool features:


Holds Four Game Controllers
Holds Two Headsets
Can Hold at least two play-and-charge cords (I only have one)
Holds Game Magazines
Holds the Xbox 360 Power Brick
Has two Levels of Shelves for Games
Holds 26 Games each on the top and bottom shelf
Holds 52 Games Total
The stand is really strong and structurally well built

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You need to show how to make it that would be nice?????????
Umm, this thing is long gone...look at the date it was published.
nice games you've got there. :P
Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)  BleSam1122332 years ago
Lol, thanks. ;)
wow, that's nice!