Hello fellow k'nexers :) This is what I believe the first k'nex LKP PAP on the site. It is only a model,
but it has some features:
- pretty good looks (IMO)
- movable charging handle ( in the body itself, not that kind of things which are attached on the side)
- movable trigger
- pretty comfortable
- small rail for attachments ( I have a scope, red dot sight (mine) and an other RDS (bakenbitz's)
- full size
- sturdy stock (can be picked up here without problems)
- easy part replacements (barrel, stock and magazine can be replaced with others, so you
can make an ak-47 or other guns out of it)

Tell me what you think about this gun in the comments, and please rate.

~~~~ credits go to:~~~~
- Twisted Paradox for the main body and barrel (on his ak-47) I modded it to a lkp
- bakenbitz for one of the 2 red dot sights in this slideshow
- Knex.x for the idea to make the PAP
I think I made  the other RDS myself. If I accidently took someones design, please let me know

Also: Thanks Hiyadudez for the pro membership =D

Yes i do want an ak47 mag and an angled grip but can u make me 1
<p>Alright, I can start it tomorrow (a bit too late to knex now, here in the Netherlands.).<br>Also, you may want to use the reply button ;)</p>
R u dun yet if u r post a pic of it
<p>Not yet, I'm sorry. <br>Lately, I've either been busy with other stuff (guitar playing, stuff for college etc.) or I just didn't have the motivation to get my lazy ass upstairs and finish it.</p><p>My motivation for k'nexing has been 'shrinking' lately... :/</p>
How far r u and when will it be done
I ment the red dot sight In the 6th pic
I also want an iron sight like the 1 in the 6th pic
Also how did u figure out how to build it and how did u get the right parts
<p>I got the right parts by buying k'nex :3<br>Once you have a decent amount of pieces (I need more though, my collection is rather limited) you should have some 'special parts' too.<br>As for building it, I just use photos of the real deal that I find on the internet, and try to replicate the shape as good as possible.</p>
Yo Richtoffen how much$ would it cost me for u to build me a lkp pap but with a AK-47 mag and a removable afg grip
<p>It wouldn't cost you money ;)<br>K'nexing is something I like to do, and don't want to get paid for.</p><p>But do you mean building a PAP with a more angled magazine, and removable angled fore grip? </p>
Can you follow me PLEASE &not;_&not;
does this mean no prob.?
Semi auto ?
The real gun, yes. This one is a model, it does not shoot.
Reminds me of an AK.
Yeah, the PAP is a semi-automatic civilian gun made by Zastava in Serbia. It uses the AK system: <br>http://www.zastava-arms.rs/cms/index.php?id=252
Nice =D looks like an ak47 a bit
Thanks! yeah, the PAP is some sort of sporting/civilian semi-auto version of the ak, made by Zastava in Serbia =D
Niceee =D
yep :)_
check your PM =D
Just done, will send my fb tomorow (please remind me, must go to bed now (school, 18 km biking, so must go to bed at 9:30 pm))
Ok cool =D
<div style="margin-left: 80.0px;"> <br> <u>hehe</u>, <sub>I </sub><sup>noticed</sup> <strike>we</strike> &nbsp;&copy;&aring;&ntilde;&nbsp;do this n&Oslash;w</div> <br>
<p> <em><u><strong><strike>I know! =D</strike></strong></u></em></p>
<strike><strong><em><u><sub>J</sub><sup>a</sup><sub>w</sub><sup>&uuml;</sup><sub>h</sub><sup>l </sup><sub>=</sub><sup>D</sup></u></em></strong></strike>
lol XD
yep =D
im really close to my 10000th comment! =D
Cool, this is my 1870th comment =D
Nicee =D
yes, this is nr. 1290 :)
im closing in on 10000 now =D
Nice. Actually, I looked wrong, this is my 1681th comment
XD I'm soon posting this SIG 550, but do you know what part I could change to make it better? (I know the front barrel must be better) <br>wait a sec. I'll post new comment, uploader fails
Looks pretty sweet man, nothing needs changing =D
Thanks! I changed the front barrel a bit (now consists of: green-yellow-red connector+ gray wheel on front) Gonna post it tonight, or in the weekend
Niceee =D did u get my message on Facebook?
Yes! Done that =D
Thanks =D im getting very close to my 10000th comment now! =D
niceee =D

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