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This thing is so stupid and annoying. Thanks you for looking at this! I will have some  instructions soon.


random_builder (author)2017-01-05

The machine might be stupid and annoying, but no instructions are definitely stupid and annoying.

bilaliscool (author)2012-03-25

how to make??

XxsonicxX (author)bilaliscool2012-03-31

sorry i dont have that any more because of my latest machine

beanieostrich (author)2011-05-07

Was that supposed to be a noise maker?

XxsonicxX (author)beanieostrich2011-07-04

Yes don't forget to rate me. that was my first instructable so i'm pretty new.

~KGB~ (author)2011-05-08


XxsonicxX (author)~KGB~2011-07-03

i know right?

~KGB~ (author)XxsonicxX2011-07-03


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Bio: I like to script for ROBLOX. I dont do very big scripts, but i am a intermediate scripter.
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