Knex Armor Suit





Introduction: Knex Armor Suit

This is a small Knex suit. It can be modded in many different ways to make it likable to the builder. It isn't very complex, just a small box type design



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    I've made some bionic legs with hinges at the knees.

    and dude he cant move his elbos and he cant move his legs or it will come out

    well actualy its great just horrible campared to the ones ive looked up

    soory but this isnt too good it would be better for the helmet to cover your face have a chest piece make it full body armour and have it REALY flexible

    (produced strate from the mind of a sempelton[a teribel knex user{and/or a 3year old}])

    Yeah I agree. I made Armour better that this! This is the second worst instructable iv seen.

    lol fyi NO armor has a giant holes in it! there would be like a 1/10000000 chance that that could protect u from somtin

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    Dude, i made this for fun last year,not improving it

    Maybe You Should Make It A Bit More Protective...

    give it a few more try you cant make it any worce

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    nah, i think i finally have enough peices to make an SRV2

    What's the point of having protection: a) with holes in? b) only covering limbs and head? c) which you can't move in?

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    I don't know, i was just bored and had nothing to do.