Here is my first K'nex gun. It's very strong, has a range of about 35 feet and is very easy to build. The gun shoots yellow rods. I hope I am clear enough with the instructions. It's my first instructable.

*Uses modified grey connectors*

Have fun!

Step 1: The Ram

I figure we would go easy and get the simple stuff done first. This is the ram. If you can't build this you sure better find a new hobby.

1. The ram, not hard to build.
2. Remember to tape it!
This looks like a copy hmm...
Nope totaly different. I built this gun way back in april of 2008.
I like the way no one agrees with you.
I wondering the same thing. Everybody is being dicky about this for some reason. Maybe you stumbled into my forum topic and copied my design?
Or maybe you copied the scar from 2007
Nope the scar and my gun are 2 different things. Take another look.
The entire front body is almost exactly the same look.
Nope take another look.
I have, many many times. Noone agrees with you, no one is on your side. Give up and give credit.
im not giving credit for an original gun. It's like some how I predicted 14 months into the future and said, im gonna copy the storm gun.
Storm? I'm talking about SCAR 11 mate. The one from 2006.
Thankyou for subbing! But why? (Sorry, I can't comment on orangeboards for some reason...)
I subbed to you? Must have been an accident.
No not you, The Jamalan, but feel free to sub me anyway! (Click my icon to see my 'ibles)
Oh, the shameless self promotion...
only the best part of 2 years for you to reply to that ;)
I like yo stailez!
:D<br /> I only just got the comment lol
I like yo stailez?
SCAR was december 2007, and I didn't even look at the gun when i built my gun.
So you say. Noone beleives you.
Well you're the only one that keeps bitching. It's annoying. DJ radio believes that my gun is original.
Meh. Ill stop. Not as if this is gonna be popular anyway.
Well it's not now, all the comments are you bitching how this gun is a copy.
Don't be such an * please. You're forcing him to give credit, you should'nt talk like that to someone who just copies ideas from his head to his hands. That's the only thing he copies.
Oh, I'm the *? You're resurrecting a nigh on 2 year old argument. And lets face it, it is fairly similar.
Comments never get old.<br><br>* for me is just a negative thing, I can't speak really good english xd
Just because wizkid7 used a blue connector frame and a removeable clip that is just similar to something already posted does not mean it is the same.&nbsp; Lay off.&nbsp; You guys must have something better to do than bug someone who posted an innocent instructable.
Sorry, this is a copy.
Look at this big mess you started Lol.
LoL. All I did was post a gun and all this started. People are claiming I copied the storm, which I didn't. I built this gun about 15 months ago. The storm was posted way after that.
Not that I disagree but, what did he copy?
Scar 11.01 I think its called?
More similar to storm 220 V2.
I think it looks like a combo, but with a new stock.
Can you elaborate? What did I copy?
Storm 220V2
It looks like a combo of the storm 220 v2 and the scar.
The whole front is the same as mine.
This gun was first conceived and built in april of 2008, probably way before "The Storm" was posted. One element was taken from the scar, and that was the removeable magazine.
ROFL that is just wrong. And it is the same, you know it.
Nope way different. Take another look at the pictures.
Take a look at mine. You will see.
Took a look, your foregrip, stock, body, magazine, and connectors are different. I see nothing with my gun thats is a copy of yours.
Except it.
except what?
Except the gun.
No. Look, just go away accept that it's not a rip off and go on with your life.

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