this is a knex assault rifle it fires about 75feet and from 30-40 feet it went thorugh a tissue box.

Step 1: The Stock/butt of the Gun and the Handle

also simple if you need any help just ask.
i made one with sharpened knex and i kilt a bird hahaha but that bird had it coming for it really nice gun tho
your stupid why would you kill a bird? what if you got shot you wouldn't be laughing then would you?
that sucks, why would you kill a bird? further more if you wanted to kill a bird then go cley pidgeon shooting or hunting with a real gun so its not just lying on the ground in pain waiting to die.
totally agree <strong>WHY would you kill a BIRD</strong> that just wrong....but pigeon hunting is still really bad..*sigh* <br/>
what why is it so bad it's just like shooting partrigde or grouse or even deer
or a human...
ummm no that's bad
i agree with zyilo! why would you want to kill any living thing? even an ant it's just not funny
think of the poor ikle-wikle birdie lying in pain on the floor. How could you do such a thing. (I hope this made you feel guilty)...
why did you kill a bird i hope that you die like the bird!
I know what you said below, but whats on the top of pic 2?
i like the shape very much. the good makers of knex guns are back:D
looks like a gewehr if u change the stock a lil
these instructions suck
woohoo after ages of not having the right peices and asking loads of questions about stuff i dont understand i finally made it! and it works =D <br/>
I have a question, can or has anyone made or is making a yellow rod magazine that doesn't need black y connectors
what are those pieces at the end on the first step
This is a great gun. I made mine with a front trigger because I don't understand how to make a back one. also it find it works better if the thing you use to put the ammo up is longer. However mine only shoots 30-40 feet. How can I make it shoot longer.
can anyone explain how the magazine works, i really want to get it right cos i made the gun and i want to finish it. please help i you can =)<br/>
nevermind got it <sup>_</sup> but i dont get the third pic with the string or somthin on the end of the orange clip<br/>
are the grey bits in the first pic of the 3rd step the bits that connect to the bits with the ball on the end?
sweet, ive made a rifle but its not on the website wen i looked so try this link:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Pump-action-rifle./">my pump action rifle</a><br/><br/>by the way it was so powerfull that it broke sum of my peices but thats only when i made the rb realy tight<br/>
pretty cool gun although how is it an assault rifle gun with a small magezine? looks more like a normal rifle to me. Sorry but I get picky when people pick out random names for guns just because they sound cool. I really should get my own sniper rifle up...it's the biggest jem of all gunners most the time.
im sorry for naming it wrong but my friend and i were having a fight and he could pull back the ram and shoot ..etc in like 3 seconds. and there were 6 shots in the mag so because it was easy to pull back and fire he called it and assault rifle. IDK i mean i could call it a knex gun that would get no views though.
i like the look of it +1
Hey not bad! pictures could be better though.......
yeah sorry about that the thing was i have a mac laptop that has a camera on the top an i dont have a camera so i have to try and use the laptop to take pictures which is why i mostly held stuff with my hands.
Nice. Actually, I'm posting and assault rifle, too. It will be up soon.
the V connects have Y connecter on them.
sorry the pillow covers the mag.

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