this is a knex assault rifle it fires about 75feet and from 30-40 feet it went thorugh a tissue box.

Step 1: The Stock/butt of the Gun and the Handle

also simple if you need any help just ask.

Step 2: The Body

simple just follow the pictures if you need any more help then just ask.

Step 3: The Barrel

this step is slightly trickier but is still relativly easy on picture 6 and 7 leave out the black Y connecter and i will show you how to connect the parts on the next step. also ignore the string on the block trigger that is for later.

Step 4: The Magazine and Ram

really obvious if you cant make this im worried just follow the pictures.

Step 5: Connection

connect the parts if you need any help then just ask. the second picture is with the side wall cut away a bit. the third is with it back on. also tie string through the trigger and the block trigger and tie a knot at the right length so that when you pull the true trigger it pulls the block down you may want to add a grey connecter if you want the string to run more smoothly.

Step 6: FIRE!!!!

add rubber bands load the magazine pull back the ram pull the trigger etc etc....
i made one with sharpened knex and i kilt a bird hahaha but that bird had it coming for it really nice gun tho
your stupid why would you kill a bird? what if you got shot you wouldn't be laughing then would you?
that sucks, why would you kill a bird? further more if you wanted to kill a bird then go cley pidgeon shooting or hunting with a real gun so its not just lying on the ground in pain waiting to die.
totally agree <strong>WHY would you kill a BIRD</strong> that just wrong....but pigeon hunting is still really bad..*sigh* <br/>
what why is it so bad it's just like shooting partrigde or grouse or even deer
or a human...
ummm no that's bad
i agree with zyilo! why would you want to kill any living thing? even an ant it's just not funny
think of the poor ikle-wikle birdie lying in pain on the floor. How could you do such a thing. (I hope this made you feel guilty)...
why did you kill a bird i hope that you die like the bird!
I know what you said below, but whats on the top of pic 2?
i like the shape very much. the good makers of knex guns are back:D
looks like a gewehr if u change the stock a lil
these instructions suck
hmmm... that's given me a lot to think about =P<br/>
yes but if you didnt put the bird through so much pain in the first place it wouldnt have to be put out of it misery
woohoo after ages of not having the right peices and asking loads of questions about stuff i dont understand i finally made it! and it works =D <br/>
I have a question, can or has anyone made or is making a yellow rod magazine that doesn't need black y connectors
what are those pieces at the end on the first step
This is a great gun. I made mine with a front trigger because I don't understand how to make a back one. also it find it works better if the thing you use to put the ammo up is longer. However mine only shoots 30-40 feet. How can I make it shoot longer.
can anyone explain how the magazine works, i really want to get it right cos i made the gun and i want to finish it. please help i you can =)<br/>
nevermind got it <sup>_</sup> but i dont get the third pic with the string or somthin on the end of the orange clip<br/>
are the grey bits in the first pic of the 3rd step the bits that connect to the bits with the ball on the end?
sweet, ive made a rifle but its not on the website wen i looked so try this link:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Pump-action-rifle./">my pump action rifle</a><br/><br/>by the way it was so powerfull that it broke sum of my peices but thats only when i made the rb realy tight<br/>
pretty cool gun although how is it an assault rifle gun with a small magezine? looks more like a normal rifle to me. Sorry but I get picky when people pick out random names for guns just because they sound cool. I really should get my own sniper rifle up...it's the biggest jem of all gunners most the time.
im sorry for naming it wrong but my friend and i were having a fight and he could pull back the ram and shoot ..etc in like 3 seconds. and there were 6 shots in the mag so because it was easy to pull back and fire he called it and assault rifle. IDK i mean i could call it a knex gun that would get no views though.
sorry it is a v connecter with y connecters on the end and the yellow rods and then green conecters with a blue rod on them.
i like the look of it +1
Hey not bad! pictures could be better though.......
yeah sorry about that the thing was i have a mac laptop that has a camera on the top an i dont have a camera so i have to try and use the laptop to take pictures which is why i mostly held stuff with my hands.
Nice. Actually, I'm posting and assault rifle, too. It will be up soon.
the V connects have Y connecter on them.
sorry the pillow covers the mag.

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