this is my first Instructable so go easy
my new assault rifle shoots about 50ft with the right rubber bands it has a real working scope
that bolts on. NO TAPE OR GLUE. it has an in built handle and a specially made trigger piece and comfatable stock, handle and foregrip. and plz rate
what kinda scope u got? 2-15x95? i got one of those, goes unbelieveably far.
where do you buy that scope?? (if my english is not good i'm dutch)
i like your scope, i have a 4x32 too :D but thats another one...<br>
no I have a 4x32 so it doesn't see that far
u lier theres a piece of tape clearly in the middle of one of the pictures!!!&nbsp; u n00b!!!&nbsp; lol, just kiddin, but can you actually show us how to make it?
u n00b post something
which pic are you talking about<br />
Gunbuilder is talking about the 6th picture, a yellow rod hase tape on it
Use the reply button.
It looks good, would look better with a fake barrel. And dont muzzle load it.
Nothing wrong with Muzzle Loaders.
old, old comment your replying to there.
It's not old old. It's a few months. If it were a few years, I'd aggree (agree?) with you, but it's not, so stfu.
i luv arguments:)
i dont like real scopes on knex guns... i did it once but it looked like...something stupid xD
its a real scope but not for a sniper.
it is probably just for looks, but is there any need for the scope? looks good, does it have a mag?
ShadowChaosControl, the scope will help you aiming. IT'S A REAL SCOPE FOR A SNIPER RIFLE.
well, do knex go so far you need a real scope?
ya it can be modded for a mag. and ya the scope is just for looks.
Looks... down the scope XD
I sense... influence... cough inner barrel cough

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