Introduction: Knex Ball Element - Kick Path

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Here is one of my new elements - the kick path.

It is an element for 2 tracks where the balls come one at a time.

I used it in this ball machine: (Track 1 & Track 3 after 7)

Step 1: Base

Picture of Base

The base is a path that's horizontal, so the ball can come almost to a stop then the main part turns.

Note the two tan clips as emphasized in the second picture.

Step 2: Some Supports

Picture of Some Supports

The next step has a lot, so I put the supports in a separate step.

Step 3: The Kick (and Adding It)

Picture of The Kick (and Adding It)

The axle is a red rod. When connecting it, make sure the wheel is hanging down (or the yellow rod is pointing to the front of the track).

Step 4: Further Supports and Arm

Picture of Further Supports and Arm

The outer support can be replaced when this is implemented into your ball machine. When adding, check the arm hangs in the same way as the picture.

Step 5: Arm's Hand

Picture of Arm's Hand

This part is hard to explain, but the pictures should clear it up. Note:

  • The Y-clip from this step connects to the orange connector from the axle.
  • The blue rods in the hands connect opposite the green connectors in this step.

That's it. You're done!


sandroknexmaster (author)2014-10-28


Fission Chips (author)2014-10-27

Wow! This looks really cool. I have tried to make something like this for a while, but have failed. Nice job!

seamster (author)2014-10-27

This looks like it would be a great addition to any knex ball machine. Very nice!

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