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Hi everyone,

I'm proud to present you Canopy, a new kind of K'nex ball machine. Hopefully you like it. If you have any questions, please comment.

Canopy is my entry for the Community Contest: Toy Rods and Connectors. I would be glad if you vote!

Video link:

Some facts:

  • four lifts (powered by four 12v motors)
  • eight tracks
  • meters of track
  • 25 K'nex balls
  • thousands of K'nex parts
  • three months of working

Dick Heijboer


kevinandbelma (author)2017-03-18

This is awesome!

FanPlastic (author)2016-01-05

Very unique design, great job

Linkin_J_Knex (author)2015-09-11

woah this is so cool!!!!!!!

Thank you!

I want one of these over my bed! xD

KnexGeek16 (author)2015-07-07

Im trying something like this for my first and last KNEXPERT entry I hope it turns out as good as yours

dickheijboer (author)KnexGeek162015-08-01

Of cours it is ok! I wish you very much luck with the building! Somebody els did it also:

If you need any help please pm me.

(Sorry for the late reply.)

KnexGeek16 (author)2015-07-07

Is it ok if I use something similar to your idea of taking the return track underneath the bed?

martijnb95 (author)2015-04-12

that is nice! a long time ago, i tried a ball machine around my bed, but it sucked XD. this one is amazing

dickheijboer (author)martijnb952015-04-21

Haha, thanks martijn!

knepic (author)2015-04-16

that's AWESOME!!

dickheijboer (author)knepic 2015-04-21

Thank you sir!

www139 (author)2015-02-23

Hey that's creative! You used the same song in Intertwined, but this one's slower! That's smart! Nice!!

dickheijboer (author)www1392015-02-25

Thanks, it's not the same song, but the songs are both of Hans Zimmer.

www139 (author)dickheijboer2015-02-25

Oh. The beginning sounds similar

dickheijboer (author)www1392015-03-03


Shadowman39 (author)2014-11-09

This machine looks great, it must be cool to have it looming over the bed. Nice job!

dickheijboer (author)Shadowman392014-11-22

Thanks! I was cool indeed. Now my whole room is cool. How is your ball machine doing?

Shadowman39 (author)dickheijboer2014-11-22

So you haven't taken it apart? I haven't been building Citadel, but just recently I've gotten interested in Knex again. I've been cleaning my room, and when that's done I'll start working on it.

dickheijboer (author)Shadowman392014-11-27

No, I have taken it apart! And I started a new project! An around the room ball machine! Yay! Will you than update your blog at

Shadowman39 (author)dickheijboer2014-11-27

Nice! Will you combine the new one with Canopy? I probably won't update the topic, as I would like to keep most of the new elements a surprise. But I do plan on making another update video once more paths are done, and maybe adding some update pictures on Flickr.

dickheijboer (author)Shadowman392014-11-27

No! Canopy is already demolished! The around the room bm is the new one! And I can't wait to see something of your bm!

Shadowman39 (author)dickheijboer2014-11-27

Oh, I read your comment wrong, I thought it said you haven't taken it apart.

dickheijboer (author)Shadowman392014-11-28

Nonono, do you have already cleaned the room? :P

Shadowman39 (author)dickheijboer2014-11-28

The room is cleaned, and I put some new pictures in the Flickr album. :-)

dickheijboer (author)Shadowman392014-12-03

Epic! You started with the paths! Can't wait for more!

Knexmaster888 (author)2014-09-08

Just finished my most recent machine. Come check it out

Ok cool!

DIYWEAPONS (author)2014-08-30

i find the compact parts of guns really painful on my fingers to make

dickheijboer (author)DIYWEAPONS2014-08-30


DIYWEAPONS (author)2014-08-28

yeah but the most complicated one i have made was an 8 round pump action p90 witch i found on instructables which ill send you the link to he has made a few other good guns

dickheijboer (author)DIYWEAPONS2014-08-29


DIYWEAPONS (author)dickheijboer2014-08-29

i made his shotgun as well but it took me about 5 hours. ive now singles the p90, made it look like an fn scar and added a stock.

dickheijboer (author)DIYWEAPONS2014-08-29

Sounds good, but I'm not in guns

DIYWEAPONS (author)2014-08-26

i"d like to but i dont have enough time or money

dickheijboer (author)DIYWEAPONS2014-08-26

Ah, that's a pitty!

DIYWEAPONS (author)dickheijboer2014-08-26

yup, and i am mostly into guns and cars as i start getting confused with anything bigger than that haha

dickheijboer (author)DIYWEAPONS2014-08-27

Guns are cool to! :)

www139 (author)2014-08-16

Nice ball machine! I wish I could build something like that! (little brother -6 yrs old-)

dickheijboer (author)www1392014-08-22

Just build it my friend!

www139 (author)dickheijboer2014-08-26

hehe! :D

Sorunome (author)2014-07-25

Ok, now that was epic!

Can you make a vid thingy of every path? :3

dickheijboer (author)Sorunome2014-08-26

Sorry guys, the ball machine is already demolished, because I had to do that before I go back to school.. :( I'm sorry!

Sorunome (author)dickheijboer2014-08-26

Awe :(

It was still an awesome machine, though! :D

dickheijboer (author)Sorunome2014-07-26

Thank you Sorunome! If more people want that, I will do that.

I count as more people... Do I? Yes I do :p

I'd also like to see a vid with every path/lift :)

Maybe, maybe, now I'm on vacation.

Sorunome (author)dickheijboer2014-08-09

Ah nice! Where'r you heading?

dickheijboer (author)Sorunome2014-08-10

Haha to Austria guys.. :P

A nice place ;)

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Bio: I'm a 17 years old K'nex ball machine builder. I'm from Holland.
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