Introduction: Knex Ball Machine: Dragonfire

Hi everyone,

Here it is, my second knex ball machine, Dragonfire.
It has 3 networks, 8 lifts and 11 paths.
One of those lifts is new (third lift of network 2).
Built time: 16 feb 2012 - 15 apr 2012
Dimensions: wide: 1.35 m, depth: 1.30 m, heigth: 2.45 m

Here are the instructions of the new elements!
Here are the instructions of the new lift!

Enjoy it!



FanPlastic (author)2016-01-07

Nice ball machine check out mine


morrisme (author)2014-11-29

holy moly!!!!!!!! that's incredible


jnajman (author)2014-02-04

WOW, your dragonfire is inspiring! :-

sandroknexmaster (author)jnajman2014-02-05

Thanks! :D

Atom 6 (author)2013-08-22

Cool; how long did it take you to make it?

sandroknexmaster (author)Atom 62013-08-22

Thanks! 2 Months

An33l (author)2013-08-07

That is amaZing thanks for commenting on mine as well

sandroknexmaster (author)An33l2013-08-07

Thanks and no problem!


can you plz make instructions

In the description you can find links for instructions: new elements and new lift.
Making instructions for the whole machine is not very easy, and it's already down for a long time.

Shadowman39 (author)2012-04-23

Cool ball machine! I like the setup of the ring lift and floor at the bottom. Great elements as well.

Thanks! :D

knex dude 2000 (author)2013-02-23

EPIC DUDE!!! Why didnt i find out you made these machines. TOTALLY 5*.

Check out all my instructables and then you'll see them all :p

Jag56 (author)2013-01-04

Amazing ball machine! I loved all the new elements and was fascinated with the z-shaped thingy that you added! Someday hopefully I'll make another ball machine that's larger than Rock of Prometheus!

sandroknexmaster (author)Jag562013-01-05

That z-shaped thing is not designed by me, Toeti made it: (step 5)
BTW I also hope you'll make another bigger ball machine, you have more then enough pieces! :D

Jag56 (author)sandroknexmaster2013-01-05

Yeah I noticed that after I looked at the instructable on all the new elements :P

sandroknexmaster (author)Jag562013-01-05

You mean the guide by Knextreme?

Jag56 (author)sandroknexmaster2013-01-05

No, the element guide for dragonfire, the z-shaped thing wasn't on it.

sandroknexmaster (author)Jag562013-01-05

Oh ok :)

Bolts#13 (author)2012-07-29

Really cool Elements you added in.Im trying to build my first Knex machine

Cool! If you want to use some of these elements check out my other ible there you can find closer pics or instructions.
Please let me know when you're done with it! :)

Almost forgot: Thanks!

BleSam112233 (author)2012-07-29

Very unique elements. I love the thing when 4 balls get on it it falls over on to 4 tracks.


paul bunyan (author)2012-05-10

amaing.. that thing s huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


knexpert#10829476 (author)2012-04-24

Wait, before you take it down, can we see just pictures of the machine please?

Of course but why?

I wanted to make bases like that like in Metropolis but I didn't understand how to properly shape the mesh. If you don't want to you don't have to I'm just a little curious to know.

Watch my new ible of the new elements of dragonfire. There you can find pictures.

Ok. Is it possibly to add foto's to this ible or should i make a new one?

Yes that's possible. But you can also make an guide to all new ballmachine elements (and maybe the be lift) in this ballmachine.

BTW. Nice ballmachine!

~KGB~ (author)2012-04-23

That is one epic ball machine! =D

KneXtreme (author)~KGB~2012-04-23


Sorunome (author)KneXtreme2012-04-28


~KGB~ (author)KneXtreme2012-04-23


sandroknexmaster (author)~KGB~2012-04-23


~KGB~ (author)sandroknexmaster2012-04-23

No problem =D

jameshond (author)2012-04-25

welke motors heb je gebruikt voor de parralel arm lift en de ball machine ziet er cool uit 5*

Bedankt! Ik heb niet de solar motor gebruikt zoals de originele parallel arm lift. Ik heb gewoon een paar tandwielen weggehaald en een gewone knexmotor gebruikt. Ik had geen solarmotor dus heb ik dat maar aangepast.

ik heb geprobeerd met gewone motors maar het lukt niet hoe heb jij dat gedaan?

gewoon je haalt 2 of 3 tandwielen weg dat hangt af van welke motor je gebruikt en dan de motor vastmaken

oke bedankt

Tjakka5 (author)2012-04-26

Ziet er mooi uit <3

sandroknexmaster (author)Tjakka52012-04-26


Sorunome (author)2012-04-24

This is some very cool ball machine...
You definitively earned a subscription! :D
And *YAY* at the ring lift, wheel lift with holes and the infinity switch xD

Sorunome (author)Sorunome2012-04-24

Oh, and would you mind making a vid of the hole thing running at once?

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