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Introduction: How to Build Project Enigma Minor

Here's my newest project - Enigma Minor. It's compact, has a lot of paths (5!) and looks cool. The name was suggested in my question "how shall I call my new K'nex ball machine" It looks like project Splat, but I modified it. My add - ons on Splat:

- 1 extra path: Freefall
- 2 kinds of path separators: the classic version and the Infinity-Switch
- 1 new element, that I've designed: the dual ball element. (on path 4 and 5)
- less pieces!

Good luck with building!

Step 1: Pieces

Here's the piece count!

- Green: 244
- White: 138
- Blue: 289
- Yellow: 64
- Red: 1
- Grey: 9

- Grey 1 – way: 71
- Grey 2 – way: 9
- Orange 2 – way: 25
- Red 3 – way: 144
- Green 4 – way: 29
- Purple 4 – way: 106
- Yellow 5 – way: 137
- Blue 7 – way: 51
- White 8 – way: 35

- Blue: 50
- Gray: 37

- Blue clip: 4
- Tan clip: 4
- Y – clip: 26
- Blue hinge: 4
- Black hinge: 4
- Red gear: 6
- Chain: 46
- Battery motor with short lead: 1
- Original K’nex balls: 2 or 3

Total: 1537 pieces.

Step 2: Base

Let's start building! In this step, you'll make the base and the bottom gear. Good luck again!

Step 3: Receivers

A receiver's a path that brings a ball back to the lift. In this step you'll make them. Look carefully to the amount of spacers and where Y - clips are placed!

Step 4: Spiral-Bottom

Here's where you'll start building the Spiral. In the middle of the Spiral's the freefall. You'll also make that part yet. Look again carefully to the amount of spacers.

Step 5: Path 4 and 5

Now you'll make 3 elements at once; the new element, the switchback and the maze. It's a lot of work, so start with it!

Step 6: Spinner

This is the Spinner, a well - known element. This could be painful for your fingers, so be careful. 

Step 7: Spiral-Top

Again a part of the spiral. These 2 elements (spiral and freefall) are the last elements you're going to make. Make sure to check the last picture. It includes a few changes to the rest of the pictures, if you don't change it it wan't work!

Step 8: Top - Left

Now you'll make the infinity-switch and a path separator. Good luck with 'em!

Step 9: Top - Right

This part includes 2 path separators. Look carefully to the connection points with the other parts!

Step 10: Motor-house

You're almost done! Just make the motor-house, and after that the chain.

Step 11: Chain Lift

Last part! Make 2 sets of 15 chains, and one of 16, with at the end a chain-claw.

Step 12: Finished!

You're done! If you're maze is stopping the balls, use gray connectors to stop the maze from going up. Thanks to tardis fan for this.

Have fun watching or changing it! Please give me pictures of your finished model, I'll add them to this step.




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    are you still alive? please make more ball machines!! :)

    I'm about to install the chain right now... after spending several hours on this project, the only thing I can find bad to say is.... You must have the tiniest little girl hands..... it was tough to get into many of the places to make connections.... I has been a much fun build and I can't wait to see it in action.... I'll be sure to send you a pic... thank you for a nice project

    cool i mite build later or when i have time

    Are all the cogs needed? I only have 3.

    Are all the cogs needed? I only have 3.


    Yup :D

    ok i'm making a ball machine soon first i need to take appart al my knex creations

    how far are you into the enigma major?


    I started designing. I've 3 new lifts in mind, I'll go build it within a few weeks.