Picture of How to build project Enigma Minor
Here's my newest project - Enigma Minor. It's compact, has a lot of paths (5!) and looks cool. The name was suggested in my question "how shall I call my new K'nex ball machine" It looks like project Splat, but I modified it. My add - ons on Splat:

 - 1 extra path: Freefall
 - 2 kinds of path separators: the classic version and the Infinity-Switch
 - 1 new element, that I've designed: the dual ball element. (on path 4 and 5)
 - less pieces!

Good luck with building!

Step 1: Pieces

Picture of Pieces
Here's the piece count!

- Green: 244
- White: 138
- Blue: 289
- Yellow: 64
- Red: 1
- Grey: 9

- Grey 1 – way: 71
- Grey 2 – way: 9
- Orange 2 – way: 25
- Red 3 – way: 144
- Green 4 – way: 29
- Purple 4 – way: 106
- Yellow 5 – way: 137
- Blue 7 – way: 51
- White 8 – way: 35

- Blue: 50
- Gray: 37

- Blue clip: 4
- Tan clip: 4
- Y – clip: 26
- Blue hinge: 4
- Black hinge: 4
- Red gear: 6
- Chain: 46
- Battery motor with short lead: 1
- Original K’nex balls: 2 or 3

Total: 1537 pieces.
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knex akbar1 year ago

are you still alive? please make more ball machines!! :)

I'm about to install the chain right now... after spending several hours on this project, the only thing I can find bad to say is.... You must have the tiniest little girl hands..... it was tough to get into many of the places to make connections.... I has been a much fun build and I can't wait to see it in action.... I'll be sure to send you a pic... thank you for a nice project
OZKNEX222 years ago
cool i mite build later or when i have time
~Meme~2 years ago
Are all the cogs needed? I only have 3.
~Meme~2 years ago
Are all the cogs needed? I only have 3.
Crumble4 years ago
how far are you into the enigma major?
RNB (author)  Crumble4 years ago
I started designing. I've 3 new lifts in mind, I'll go build it within a few weeks.
when is it done?
Orangepanda3 years ago
hey RNB this ball machine is awesome!!!!!!!
this is going to be my first ball ive built so thks for that!
can i keep u updated on how im going because ive never made one before!
thks if i can

RNB (author)  Orangepanda3 years ago
Sorry for the late reply! How far are you?
Ik ben trots op Nederland door jouw SUPERRRRRRRRR ballenbaan!!!

RNB (author)  CassisDude984 years ago
Bedankt! Omdat deze baan zo'n succes is, heb ik besloten om door te gaan met de 'Enigma's'. Ik ben nu een gigantische baan aan het bouwen die Enigma Major heet, later komt er nog een Enigma Micro
Eigenlijk zou je ook instructies moeten moeten maken voor de Enigma Micro
(hoeveel stukjes gaat die in beslag nemen?)

Alvast bedankt!!!
RNB (author)  CassisDude984 years ago
Enigma Micro: Nog geen enkel idee :-P. Eerst bouw ik de Major, later komt Micro nog.
waneer komt de major
RNB (author)  guitarshredder1233 years ago
Ooit hopelijk. Ben nog steeds niet gestart :(
maak dan een micro,dat lukt vast binnen 2 weken ;)
knexman323 years ago
knexman323 years ago
EPIC imma build it if i have enough blue rods
god i hope i have enough
I just finished the machine (pretty cool, by the way) and everything works but the Spinner. For some reason, the ball seems to fall out a fraction of a second too soon, landing on the track below. Then its momentum carries it in the direction it's supposed to go, however, the Spinner, which is still spinning at high speed, stops the ball and causes it to go backwards off the track. Is the Spinner supposed to carry the ball all the way down until it starts to go back up, or is the ball supposed to fall out but then roll through without the Spinner disturbing it?
RNB (author)  Barfopotamus4 years ago
The Spinner is supposed to disturb the rolling. Still, the spinner is spinning in the same direction as the ball goes, and it should work. If it keeps giving problems, add an extra fence at the back of the track.
I fixed it by replacing the red connectors and y-clips with gray connectors so that the track was slanted.
Crumble4 years ago
if this is an enigma minor, then what is an enigma MAJOR?
RNB (author)  Crumble4 years ago
Thanks for the name! I'm gonna build an big ball machine soon, do you mind if I call it Enigma Major?
Sorunome RNB4 years ago
Can i see then plz on skype, when you started?
RNB (author)  Sorunome4 years ago
Just started, building a new lift as start... (tell ya on skype!)
Sorunome RNB4 years ago
awsome! :) :) :)
Crumble RNB4 years ago
Nope, go ahead, i look forward to seeing that :P
cool knex134 years ago
looks relly good!


RNB (author)  cool knex134 years ago
Make it, and gimme pics of it, I'll add them to the last step!
cool knex13 RNB4 years ago
well....... Later on but I will make it.
knexlego4 years ago
is it the big chain not the small
RNB (author)  knexlego4 years ago
Big one.
i made it and modified it so you can use only one ball
Sorunome4 years ago
what is the coaster in the background of the first pic?
RNB (author)  Sorunome4 years ago
That's the DoubleDare Racing Coaster
Sorunome RNB4 years ago
is that a standart set?
RNB (author)  Sorunome4 years ago
bosniaguy4 years ago
got a video?
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