In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a small yet pretty cool ball machine. It also is not to long.

Step 1: Tower Base and Bottom Gears

This is the base of the tower. It also shows how to build the towers bottom gears.

Step 2: The Tower and Top Gears

In this step you will see how to build the tower and the top gears.

Step 3: The Track 1

In this step you will make the top track.

Step 4: The Track 2

In this step you will make the bottom track.

Step 5: The Motor

This step shows how to attach the motor.

Step 6: Support Beams

This step shows how to make the support beams.

Step 7: Tension Rod

This step insures good tension to the lift.

Step 8: Lift Chain

This step shows how to make the chain.

Step 9: FINISHED!!!!!!

<p>nice job dude!</p>
cool man!!!! Although a bit simple could you do one with more pieces and bigger. Oh and also could you include a pieces count?
It's pretty nice
oh I just noticed that my clock is wrong. it isn't 6:56 am, its actually 3:00 pm <br>
Just to let you know, colton, I will be bringing out instructions on a knife I made. In fact, I'm taking the photos right now!
thank you so much, i finally found a good instructable about how to make a ball lift.
which is the used piece for growing the tower?
It is very simple. Good job.
nice for people with little knex!
There has been better simplez
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