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stevenator2000 (author)2013-10-16

How did you get the lift on the chain to work? Because i couldn't get it to lift the balls.

hunter999 (author)stevenator20002013-10-21

Try making this Hope it helps - (its for beginners)

dickheijboer (author)hunter9992013-10-22

Yeah, there can you see how the chain lift works.. :)

Hm, I don't understand you'r question, sorry.

hunter999 (author)dickheijboer2013-10-21

He means the individual lifts on the chain, the ones that actually carry the ball up to the top of the lift. He just worded his question wrong...

dickheijboer (author)hunter9992013-10-22

Okey, thanks..

www139 (author)2013-07-19

Nice music!

Thnx 4 the sub!

dickheijboer (author)www1392013-07-20

Thanks and no problem... :)

hunter999 (author)2013-06-26


dickheijboer (author)hunter9992013-06-26

Thanks man! Can't wait for a new ball machine from you?

hunter999 (author)dickheijboer2013-06-27

Yep, you too, ill post one soon hopefully =D....

dickheijboer (author)hunter9992013-06-27


hunter999 (author)dickheijboer2013-06-28


sandroknexmaster (author)2013-05-15

Cool! How many parts does it use approximately?

Haha, je kunt gewoon Nederlands tegen mij praten hoor.. :p Ik heb geen flauw benul hoeveel, maar wel minder dan die strax online komt. XD

(Of praat je liever Engels?)

Eigenlijk wel, dan kan ik mijn engels oefenen en nog belangrijker: iedereen kan dan het gesprek volgen.

Haha, okey..

Haha kan niet wachten :D

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Bio: I'm a 17 years old K'nex ball machine builder. I'm from Holland.
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