K'nex Ball Machine Skyline


Introduction: K'nex Ball Machine Skyline

About: I'm a 17 years old K'nex ball machine builder. I'm from Holland.




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    How did you get the lift on the chain to work? Because i couldn't get it to lift the balls.

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    Try making this Hope it helps - (its for beginners)

    Yeah, there can you see how the chain lift works.. :)

    Hm, I don't understand you'r question, sorry.

    He means the individual lifts on the chain, the ones that actually carry the ball up to the top of the lift. He just worded his question wrong...

    Thanks man! Can't wait for a new ball machine from you?

    Yep, you too, ill post one soon hopefully =D....

    Haha, je kunt gewoon Nederlands tegen mij praten hoor.. :p Ik heb geen flauw benul hoeveel, maar wel minder dan die strax online komt. XD

    Eigenlijk wel, dan kan ik mijn engels oefenen en nog belangrijker: iedereen kan dan het gesprek volgen.