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Introduction: Knex Ball Machine SmooL

My first video of one of my ball machines, plz comment ;)



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that cool 5/5 is there a link to the instructable?

Reeeeaaaad thiiiiiis sssssslooooooowlyyyyyyyy!!! I loooooooove sloooooooow liiiiiiiiiiifts. Theeeeeeeeeey maaaaaaaaaake vieeeeeeeeweeeeeeers eeeeeaaaaageeeeer toooooooo seeeeeeeee the reeeeest : )

lol i love that comment. if u like slow lifts, then ull love my next creation. i would wager at about 60 seconds to get from bottom to top.
i would make them faster, but the motors i use are not strong enought for the immense loads i make them lift (that huge arm + ball) so i have to decrease speed for more raw power.

Cool!! subscribed!

thanks. in my new ball machine i got a whole bunch of gears and belts, powered by one motor. the one motor drives a restraining system (to limit the number of ball that go through a certain point) and a rottating arm (not big, only one red rod long). It should be completed sometime in the week

That fast? Don't you have school

Yes, i have high school, but i have the easiest semester. i started a week ago, and if im not on the comp or at school or with friends i am knexing. an i finished today, so i should have a video up by tommorow.

Lovin the lift system,the double loop is awesome too.Great job ,hope to see more from u.

thanks. i am currently working on another ball machine, but construction has been halted due to lack of peices, so i gotta wait for my shioment of knex to come. should be about another 3 weeks before i post another vid.

whats the song called?