K'nex Ball Machine Element: Rod Rolling




Introduction: K'nex Ball Machine Element: Rod Rolling

Some said it's impossible,

I just say it's realy tricky.



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    the K'nex ball machine element: rod rolling is dumb but and i love your others ☺

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    It was part of a challenge on the forums here.

    another word for "knex expert" is knexpert kinda fancy

    Thank you.

    My 14 years of k'nex experience has paid off :p

    hey, it's in my ball machine flashback and it works about 95%!
    thanks for the idea.

    could you rebuild and post
    as it is super cool

    Once upon a time, there was a small 'contest' to roll a ball on a rod: https://www.instructables.com/community/Ultimate-knex-ball-machine-KingQueen/

    You should make something under it in case it does fall off. That way it would go on to another path.

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    This was just to show it's somehow possible. When you implement it in a ball machine you could/should do that, yes.

    But I don't have a ball machine atm and don't have time/place for one.
    They just asked for this in the k'nex community here on ibles.

    Yeah I know, but this is for those who would put it on a ball machine.


    that's pretty good, though I do think it would fail sometimes if you attached it to a lift

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    It's like I said in the description on youtube;
    It fails a lot, it'll work a lot better if you only use one grey rod instead of 2.

    And you shouldn't let a ball come directly from a lift, more likely from a slow path.