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Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Project SmooL II

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My best ball machine yet. So big i had to stop and wait for a delivery of pieces.



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    Can't believe I hadn't seen this before, but this is one sweet ball machine... Nice.

    four things:

    -1- nice song i'm serious

    -2- could you make instructions?

    -3- from wich country you are?

    -4- i think you need some more k'nex maybe i could help you?

    greetings: kutlulknex

    alias the btkiller

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    hey, thanks!
    I get my music froma mix of friends and genius, i-tunes ;)

    id like to make instructions, but alot of the stuff was tight fitting and very finicky, i rather doupt i could have make instructions for a thing like this. Ive only made 1 instructables to date, its a type of lift ;)

    im from canada ;)

    and how r u going to help me? im curious....

    oh well
    did u ever buy k'nex from the internet
    i know pretty much sites

    and i got some news:

    -i,m going to make a ball machine, after i saw much movies and instructions i think it is going to be good
    -i also give instructions for peoplewho might like it
    -there will be music in the movie, i think about a funny one
    -people who like to be friends (here on this site) can send a nice message

    now that's funny to me (i-am-canadian wise). me i'm not canadian but the user i-am-canadian i assume is, i'm american

    it looks like you had a fifth path going but ran out of pieces. i'm not gonna count down for that. it would do nicely if you could add more paths higher up on the towers, great one to mod, anyday. 5/5

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    to complete the second sentence; if you had more pieces of course!

    lol too true i was out as it was or i definatly would have packed that taller tower with more stuff
    thx! :)

    anytime i really do like it, as an in-complete ball machine it does very well.

    yay ur my 90th commenter

    Too bad you couldn't fit any more paths in. This is a great ball machine. 5*  

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    i probably could have have fit maybe one more path, but i was out of peices 

    Too bad. Are you making Smool III?

    Smool III will include some new elements which i have thought of, including a doulbe spiral and maybe a cart if i can think of a way to pull it off :)

    and ill work on a faster lift

    Very Nice, I like how there is the two towers connected with tracks! 5*

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    thank you. Thats actullay what i like the best as well. its alos very solid, if u turn one side, the track doesnt warp, the other side turns with it.

    I like the paths but that first lift is a little pointless, but don't get me wrong. This is an awesome ball machine but I never say only: nice, or cool becaus that doesn't really help you. Critcism makes the world go round!