Heres another one of my ball machines. i named it project aquaduct because it looks like one in a way. its got 2 paths which are quite long. the path changer in the middle tower has 2 modes (you will probably figure them out yourself) anyway, enjoy!
<p>Can I make instructions for this?</p>
<p>And yes, I mean me!!</p>
<p>Wow! Awesome! Is there a vid?</p>
cool <br>
Thanks =D
dude do not sell them your designs are awesome. my and gorkem's guns are good but yours are the best and nothing will ever change that. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
im not selling them for now, slideshow will be up in 1 hour about, its a big ball machine =D thanks for the compliments =D
o ya made it 5*
did ya? =D
ill sell them just after christmas... how much would you bid on ebay??? (EURO)
120 euro
wow, when i choose to sell them ill put them up on ebay... also the shipping is going to be like 50-60 EURO.
mehh i'm not buyin them ,..
&nbsp;hey post a vid.
no, its long gone...<br />
&nbsp;oh. make another one!
meh, im selling my knex...<br />
sell it to me!
how much?
post on ebay
well i need to weigh them and get a bid up because multiple people are offering... ill have a topic soon...
link please..
when i put them on i will... im making a ball machine... probably my last project.
im not even done yet
i now but if it is finished your gonna make instructions?
=-D<br><br>use noses
NOOOOOOOOO! lol, no noses are better =D=D=D=D
haha! that's funny<br>but seriously, noses are waay kooler
no ther not =D=D=D=D
Either way, I might bid on them. I need more. :)
ok, cool, ive packed them away and before i sell them i want to make kinetics new gun when its out... i will post a topic here all about me selling them around 1-2 weeks after christmas... (maybe before)
Oh yeah. I'm gonna build it too if I don't have my ak or the ball machine.
kool. your ak74u now? whats the ball machine like?
waiting for the weekend to work on my ak, and I'm gonna make the ball machine after i get rid of my ak which should hopefully be this weekend.
so your making an ak for like 1 day, then destroying it for a ball machine?
No I've had it for a while. I'm gonna make the instructable before I destroy it so that I can rebuild it later. I really want to make the ball machine, so I might just make the ible, and not change it. Then remake it some other time and make it better.
Ebay?<br /> Linky please...

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