Knex Ball Machine - Project Kabloominator.





Introduction: Knex Ball Machine - Project Kabloominator.

This is my best ball machine yet! it has 4 paths and 4 towers. it took me just under 2 weeks to make it. i hope to make many more ball machines in the future. i will upload a video of it over the next few days. tell me what you think! (i give credit to kairah, for the zigzag, darth trainman, for the red ball dropper, tornado96, for the curved drop and finally kiteman, for the name!)


1: skinny pathing
2: curved drop
3: pipe/tube
4: loop
5: spiral stairs
6: tunnel pathing
7: zigzag
8: basket
9: red ball dropper
10: orange slide
11: little moving parts (mainly on the pathing)
12: path changers




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    Thanks =D yup :)

    I always thought the zig-zag was a lot bigger, I am soooo building one of them now!

    lol niceee :)

    Lol, sold my knex a while back.....

    do you remember how you put thos 2 green flexi rod into the orange thingy on picture 8?

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    I used tornado93s ible..... thers pictures and a video i used to make it.

    you better post kabloominator p po pos post pos po p p pl ple plea pleas please p po pos post i beg you i will do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and awesome 5*****

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    its gone lol =D thanks.

    You don't have to give trainman credit for the red ball dropper because it is in a knex set.
    Btw ãwęsømė 8]

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    Oh ok, thanks =D

    lol, thank you! =D