Hi! Today you are going to see the new elements for our ball machine The Element. Here are a few specifications regarding the approximate size and number of pieces, etc...


Tower 1:

width: 4ft.

height: 5ft.

length: 3ft.

Tower 2:

width: 1/2ft.

height: 6ft.

length: 2ft.

Pieces: 9,602

Building time: 1.5 months (during the summer so no school at the time)

This was our 2nd official machine (there were others, but they were really bad).

Step 1: The video

these are really great!!
btw Im following you :D
<p>yeah I know. Thanks a lot! I'll sub back. :)</p>
<p>Ty :D I'll put who follows me on my profile :D</p>
<p>Thank you there is more new elements on the way. I will just take a lot of detailed photos of the new arm lift right now because we don't want to take apart the ball machine yet. When we do take it apart I will give instructions for it.</p>
<p>Good to hear!</p>
Great build. You should add a video to show it working.
<p>Here is a link! </p><p>http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Element-a-knex-ball-machine-2014/</p>

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