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Introduction: Knex Ballmachine Nebulus

About: Hi! I'm sathothy and I live in the Netherlands. I like to make coasters and ballmachines with knex!
Nebulus is a knex ballmachine with 4 paths and 2 elevators! This machine took me around 3/4 months to complete, and was built in a tiny room next to my room( to concentrate more for school), but was filmed in my own room.
Credits to Shadowman39 and Tornado96 for making instructions for their shifting arm lift ( ) that I used i network 2
Instruction for my MMBM lift (that I used in network 1)are at 
I hope you like it!



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    Very Nice, looks good

    This looks realy professional! Good job!

    I aded 3 elements of this ball machine to my guide just now. The ball replacer, the big ferris wheel and the micro selector pannel!

    Thank you! I will add those elements in my guide, it will take some time tough.

    Great design! I always enjoy how you use micro and regular knex to make awesome stuff.

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    I like this very much! Very cool how you made the circle lift a bit longer on the top, next challenge: put more of them on top of each other!

    1 reply

    Haha, ja dat was wat ik eerst van plan was, maar toen kreeg ik het idee om hem gewoon langer te maken en nog een andere lift er naast te zetten.