This my new ballmachine: Armageddon. I had lots of fun building it. I took me 2 months to build and one month to make the video( making the video was boring).
I want to thank almost al the ballmachine builders for giving me insperation from their ballmachines.

It features:
4 lifts divided in 2 networks( A network whit 1 lift and one whit 3 lifts)
8 paths (4 at each network)

Infinity switch: Sorunome
I got inspiration for the first lift from cassidude's quarter arm lift

Also i'm gonna make guide to the new elements
lantran.sg23 days ago

It's amazing! Could you please upload your instruction please!

Blue Mullet 27 months ago

You make some very unique ball machines. There are many new elements that make your ball machines interesting to watch. But I'd recommend that you put some music in your video. Music without words, just a beat or sound usually is the best for ball machines.

sathothy (author)  Blue Mullet 26 months ago

Thanks! I don't listen to alot of music myself. So I could never think of any music to use. I'll try searching some more next time.

Hmm, why dont you look around at other peoples ball machines? The Youtube editor has a music add on option.
cooljupjup2 years ago
eindelijk iemand gevonden die ballemachines maakt en die wit zwarte balle gebruikt! :D
sathothy (author)  cooljupjup2 years ago
Yep, ik heb die andere ballen niet dus gebruik ik deze.
ah ik ben nu bezig met een ballmachine maar veel elements die op internet staan werkend niet met die nieuwe balletje dus moet sommige dinge verandere dan :P
KneXtreme3 years ago
Are the green balls the same size of the black and white balls?
sathothy (author)  KneXtreme3 years ago
Yes they are.
Cool. Thank you.
Looks great! I dont have the time (or pieces) to do this :P
sathothy (author)  Senior Waffleman3 years ago
Thanks! I took me a long time to build and collect the pieces.
jameshond3 years ago
de ballmachine ziet er mooi uit 5 sterren arm lift is cool
sathothy (author)  jameshond3 years ago
Bedankt! Kairah heeft hem bedacht ik heb heb aleen maar veranderd.
ik bedoelde de arm lift van network 1
sathothy (author)  jameshond3 years ago
Ohh oke! Die ja die was best wel moeilijk om te maken vooral de krukas was moeilijk.
ik heb ook geprobeerd om een armlift te maken maar het lukte niet maaar die van jou is nice
sathothy (author)  jameshond3 years ago
Die ene arm lift die in je ballmachine zit? Wat was het probleem dan?
hij pakte de bal niet goed op maar nu wel
martijnb953 years ago
dit is zeker een van de betere machines die ik heb gezien, ga zo door!
sathothy (author)  martijnb953 years ago
Bedankt! Ik ga zeker door!
apelisin3 years ago
Отличная статья!Очень полезно ! Это же сколько времени нужно.
sathothy (author)  apelisin3 years ago
What do you mean whit that?
there's something called spam... :P
sathothy (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
Its no spam. I found that out when i go to his profile. You will see something in a weird language. So I putted it in google translate and it said it was russian( i think). And i found out what he said. But google translate is never reliable.
seems like instructables forgot to make these characters displayable in discussions xD
Whait a sec. at the second look i noticed it is DANGEROUS that instructables has that glitch, as in the source code are the normal > tags what he wrote (instead of > which appears to be a >) and so you could hijack a lot, and i'm NOT kidding......
WYE_Lance3 years ago
This is a fantastic ball machine! I especially enjoy how the ball moves calculatedly through each bend and drop. The overall design is very efficient and allows us to view the components clearly. The time you put into the video is appreciated, but I'd love to see 30-second clips of the entire ball machine at different angles with all of the paths active. It think it'd look even more impressive if we could see the entire thing in action. Thanks for sharing this!
sathothy (author)  WYE_Lance3 years ago
Thanks! And first i was able to put the whole ballmachine in action for 5 minutes whitout one bal falling out. But when i wanted to film it, the balllmachine wasent wanted to work anymore.
But I keep that in my mind for the next time I film a ballmachine.
KneXtreme3 years ago
Wow! Amazing! I love how its nice and wide but not tall. Very unique. I admire people who can build amazing stuff like this with micro knex. Can't wait to see what stuff you make in the future. 5*s
sathothy (author)  KneXtreme3 years ago
Thanks alot! I actually became wider than i tought i would going to be. And thanks for that 5*'s.
You should post some of the ball machine elements because your ball machine is unique.
sathothy (author)  knexpert#108294763 years ago
Thanks, and yes i'm gonna make a guuide to the new elements.
Sorunome3 years ago
congrats on being featured! :)
sathothy (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Wow, this is awesome. Great work!
sathothy (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
Thanks alot!
Sorunome3 years ago
Cool Ball Machine! And of the last lift i first thought of kairahs quartar arm lift xD
sathothy (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
Thanks! And ctually it is. Only smaller and whit less arms.