K'nex Ballmachine Motorized Madness Circle Lift.





Introduction: K'nex Ballmachine Motorized Madness Circle Lift.

Welcome to my first instruction Ible! Its about my new lift the ''motorized madness circle lift''. You may think ''why that name''. Well I'm very bad whit name's and since the green half circle is made whit the green track from the track from the motorized madness ballmachine. I decided to give it that name.
Also I know this instruction is kinda badish. But I lost pictures because some pictures didn't wanted to upload. 

Please note that this lift might not work whit the original style balls. The balls would probaly be to smal. I'm not sure because I don't have any original style balls.
EDIT: It works whit the newer style balls when you replace the grey one way connectors on the ball pusher whit orange two way connectors. Thanks to sandroknexmaster

Step 1: Piece List.

RODS(from small to big and original collors):
Flexie rods: 6
Two-way straight:8
Four way 3D:38
Seven way 3D:6
Other parts:
Tan clips:6
Bleu spacers; 2
Grey spacers:2
Green motorized madness  ballmachine track:12
And at least one ballmachine ball
Now You have gathered all your pieces lets start!

Step 2: Making the Half Circle.

Here whe make the green half circle. Read all the image note's!

Step 3: Making the Main Structure

Here you will be making the main structure. Read all image note's!

Step 4: Making the ''ball Pusher'' and the Axle

Here you make the ''ball pusher'' and the axle. Read all image note's!

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Here you are putting it all together. Read all image note's!

Step 6: Exit and Entrance Path

Almost done! Here you make the entrance and he exit path. Read all image note's!

Step 7: Finnished!

You have just finnished this lift! Yay! Show me a picture when you made it and I will add it to here!



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    Great lift but,i dont have the moterized madness ball machine=[


    Nice build, I'm surprised that the arms can hold the force (and the motor). Your arms are spinning VERY fast, so I like that! As improvement, maybe try stacking these on top of eachother, to create a very tall lift!

    Thanks! Yeah I tought of the same idea, I will probaly use this lift in my next ballmachine but then in an ''s'' shape(I hope that will work out).

    Ik heb de lift gebouwd en hij is echt geweldig! Ik meen het, dit is echt 1 van mijn favoriete liften :D

    Ik heb nog goed nieuws ook: ik heb de lift getest met de oudere knex ballen en je moet maar 1 ding veranderen. Aan de uiteindes van de "ball pusher" heb je donkergrijze 1 slot connectors gebruikt. als je die vier verandert naar oranje 2 slot connectors, werkt hij perfect met de oude ballen!

    Deze lift gebruik ik zeker in mijn nieuwe ball machine waar ik nu aan bezig ben!

    Bedankt! Ik zal het er bij zetten. Heb je foto's van de lift? Dan kan ik die bij de laatste stap erbij zetten. Ben erg beniewd naar je volgende ball machine!




    Het enige nadeel is dat hij niet twee nieuwe ballen tegelijk kan liften, dan blijven ze vastzitten tussen de randen van de mot mad track.

    Bedankt, ze staan erin!

    Ik zal een paar foto's maken een een close up van de verandering aan de ball pusher.

    Lol, is that the only reason you made an account?