Here is how you build a big Knex water wheel so....... GET BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: The Body

Here is how you build the body of the water wheel. By the way you need to build two of these.

Step 2: The Wheel

Here is how you build the wheel. This wheel is very big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 3: Chain Hookup

Here is how you make the chain hookup as i call it.

Step 4: Put Together

Here is how you put it together.

Step 5: The Chain

here is how long the chain is.

Step 6: Your Done!!!!!!!

You are finally done with the water wheel. Power the wheel with a hose on jet. Enjoy!!!!
i built it correctly but it still didnt work
<p>the water does go right through it. just put more orange connectors on the flaps to make it better . i forgot to do that</p>
&nbsp;does it actually produce some good movement?<br /> because the flaps that go in the water are hollow, doesnt the water go right through it?
pretty nice, you should get a picture of it actually standing in the water<br />

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