Introduction: Knex Bolted Gun Instructions

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Hi, these are the instructions for my bolted gun.
Hope you like it XD

If you build it pos a pic ad I will put in on this instructable! =)

Step 1: Stock and Ram

Picture of Stock and Ram


Step 2: Handle and Magazines

Picture of Handle and Magazines


Step 3: Main Body

Picture of Main Body

Sorry mech was hard to take apart =(

Step 4: Assembly,bands and Finishing Touches

Picture of Assembly,bands and Finishing Touches



MrRadicalEd (author)2012-08-10

what is the farthest distance you can fire this safely with any sort of failure? I can tell you spent some time figuring this out.. you did a pretty good job there.

arjun1 (author)MrRadicalEd2012-08-10

Thanks, I cant remember the farthest distance and I have broken this gun but I remember it did shoot quite far

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