My new knex BOMB. not a grenade. Its shrapnel flies everywere! POWERFUL.... :) use the yellow x's cuz thats the only thing that dont fall out. The reds (4 me) flew in all directions.

Step 1: Make the Frame

make the frame.

Step 2: Make the Top

close up the top of the bomb.

Step 3: Done!

trow it till you cant trow it no more!! (imposable) (u most trow and never stop!) (MUHAHAHAHAHA! much fun! *twitch*)
what is inside of it
you are right it's not good it fall's apart when im building it<br />
not good<br />
where do u get the yellow/white X connectors?
roller coaster set or a knex box with over 400+ knex (idk its one of the <number here>+ boxes)
What are sharpenals are they like knex peaces inside please answer soon
its filling for the bomb. srry i took forever i dont come on here as much
it doesn't matter
here is a picture of my rocket in comparison to a pringles can (even though i dont like pringles) i have tried to perfect a launcher but when i did that it exploded everywhere so it is basically limited to dropping it from a high window.
awsome! time to get back into making knex stuff :)
very good.
cool! what is the explode radius? btw if you look at my bomb and look at the way i put elastic on it you could do the same with this bomb for bigger explosions!
from 20 ft. up about 10 meters
that is the old version the new version comes up to my waist and i am 5'
What are you using as shraptnel?
yellow roller coaster pieces
hey dudes! im making a knex NUKE!!!
how big was your nuke because i am building a rocket type object that is over a foot and a half long
mine is almost triple that if you use the yellow rods on the I_A_C war bomb
ummm... a bit bigger than I_A_C's war bomb. but like i said, it didn't work.
should i add a picture of my rocket it has fins.
lol that will be differcult inless you have permission from the president! to have the nuclear
nah, it didnt work. my mech needed a big pounding, and often, the outer shell didnt go flying apart. so basically, all the little grenades just went off inside the shell.
hahaha... i love this thing...if you CAREFULLY put rubber bands around it, it makes a big explosion!!
Around were did you put the rubber bands?
i will go to the war with it
my shrapnel keeps falling out of the holes before it explodes:(
Can I take out Al Qaeda with it?
With a few of these and a B-52, anything is possible! ;)
u forgot something... THE KNEX NUKE!!!!!
i already took them out with an sr-v1 muhahahahaha
strange, not bad
This isn't any different than your other grenade except for its shape and looks.

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