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Introduction: K'nex Box Mag

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This is a box magazine I made awhile ago. It holds around 100 blue rods. It  only feeds around 60 of them though.



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    couldn't you tip this upside down and use it as a gravity feed mag

    Sweet Revenge.

    It doesnt feed correctly

    I don't see how this could possibly work. Where the grey connectors connect to the white connectors they stick out on the inside so that the space inside is so small that a blue rod can't possibly fit through. I even modified the grey connectors so that there is enough space and taped it like it is in the slideshow and I can't see any possible way the magazine pusher would force the bullet up into the gun! To anyone who is thinking about building this I would recommend not giving it a try. Please anyone if someone has gotten this to work reply back to me!!!

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    I have.

    How did you possibly get this to work? There isn't enough room for the blue rods to go in and the mag pusher doesn't do anything it cant force the blue rods into the gun.

    is this mag reliable? im gonna put it on my g36c im working on it'll be my first ible. if the mag is reliable im putting it on there nd im gonna kick sum azz

    What if you used an angled pusher? Would that work ?

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    but it would make the mag jam more.

    maybe. you should try.

    Too Awesome For Words THATS WHY IM COMMENTING :) :) :) LOL

     EHPIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now THIS I like. I'm going to make one for an upcoming knex war and use it with the Sweet Revenge. It feeds 60 shots? a 60 shot mag this size? Wow......

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