Here are the internals for my bullpup mag release
ive gotta say, this is pretty innovative, but real bullpups, such as the tar 21, have mag release buttons in the back.
Thanks. Some have them in front or above the handle though. (as the Magpul PDR, but that one is impossible with k'nex. PDR's have a button on the side you press.)
I don't think that's impossible.
This it why you need to make guns that shoot!!! <br> <br>You have the ability man!
+1. totally.
LOL, have fun making this gun shoot...
it's not supposed to, you know.
LOL! Thank you Captain Obvious...XD
Thanks! I can try some different techniques in shooting guns, but all my big rubberbands (for the firing pin) broke :(. I'll try a shooting one next (thus only the mechanism though)
And as always Dr, you never fail to impress..... oh, BTW remember how i moddified your mp40 to shoot? Well, I might just remake that after I'm done making a PP9-OM from MW3 :P Toodaloo!
Thanks!. I'm looking forward to see the PP9 :D
Cool mech.
I'm gonna build a bullpup sniper with this
Thanks for posting!
No problem =D

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