Hello poeple. this is my attemp to a knex car. Hope you like!!!

oh and dont forget to subscribe!

Meh. its OK but Needs a lot of tweaks.
This is super old, lol. ANyways, Yeah, I think its meh, i just felt like putting it up
No i meant the pics. the car is fine but yes also it needs 4 tires and stuff like that.. <br> <br>Subscribed. <br> <br>&not;_&not;
Whats with the face? But yeah, I was using a piece of crap phone back then.
oh bro how did u make this u have the steps ??? id love to make one like that..
can u post instructions
sorry, its gone
o what a shame
amazing 5*
Good Job!!!!!!!!!! five stars!!!!!!!!<br />
thanks<br />
your wecome!!!!!!<br />
Good car!<br />
thanks<br />
nice!<br />
thks. have you subbed?
np, yup<br />
thanks. did u rate or fave or somethin?<br />
&nbsp;I ALWAYS rate. No need to ask. And i rated 5 stars.
sweet<br />

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Bio: i like to mess with knex, i think they are a very creative kinda toy for people that like to build things of all sorts ... More »
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