K'nex Car (mini) MODS!





Introduction: K'nex Car (mini) MODS!

About: Hi I am Jingo69 I have been posted lots of K'nex car tutorials in the past but haven't been posting for a while due to A-level exams and stuff, I will probably be posting in the summer though! ______________...

These are the new 'cooper' mods some are to make it look better, some for safety, some for performance and now there here!
this also shows you how my rubber band power works! these are the news...

news: 7                                                new cons: 1

-spoiler                                            rubber band power is good, but this is a bit too heavy for it to move
-strengthening mods                       really-fast but even with the weight it does move a bit
-sporty bonnet vents
-mirrors                                          the stats: (out of five)
-new back bumper                         function 5* has over 20 features
-better boot locks                       The looks 4.5* does definitely look like a mini
-better looks as well                      durability 4* is strong anyway AND has 2 impact absorbers



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    Is that a homemade pull back actiom motor? If it is YEAR you rock dude!!! this car rocks dude .

    1 reply

    well yea it kind of is if you put the rubber band around the hook and pull the car back, it isn't so good though because of the weight of the car but it's the best i could do :) thanks :)

    I have now posted my helicopter which I thought you might be interested in becuase its sort of gun-related!


    The first one looks really unstable and not very durable in a crash.

    oh okay thanks! but trust me both are nearly as strong as each other and this one is realy strong!

    My rally car versions 4.5 and up could survive a Nuclear explosion XD

    I will soon post the new mini. Ive got the pictures, taken a video now I need to upload it!

    Thankyou to everyone who rated so highly and voted!

    Sadly this one hasn't got airbags but the last one will have some more new mods and airbags and the final one will be called the

    mini cooper s