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Introduction: K'nex Car (mini Cooper S)

About: Hi I am Jingo69 I have been posted lots of K'nex car tutorials in the past but haven't been posting for a while due to A-level exams and stuff, I will probably be posting in the summer though! ______________...
this is the last Mini out of the 3,  with The s mods some are to make it more durable and some for your knex man's safety! the air bags are  2 switches at front discuised as lights when they are pushed, it pushes a rod to make the airbag push into driver, it clicks in after impact like in real life, and also you push light up and lights spring forwards with airbag. the video shows how the airbags work and the rest of the features like.....

pro's 22!!!!!!!!

AIRBAGS! can be modded for passanger and driver
optional extras like seatbelts! and 4 seats
takes only roughly about 525 K'nex peices
quite durable
interior with dials and curves
has modifyed v6 mini engine
boot with lots of sace
moving seats
escape roof (in an emergancy)
original white mini roof
maching white floor
opening doors you (HAVE TO) use handle!
4 wheel drive (optional)
seats can be lowered and raised
car is higher so suspension is more effective!

con's 2

when airbag isn't used the front lights look weird (becuase there pushed out)
the rubberband power is good but is as as powerful as k'nex moters therefore not powerful en-
ough but still does move a bit

                                                 The stats (out of five)
durability ****            4          gone down to 4 (becuase of airbags)
the looks   ****           4          gone down becuase the lights are pushed out when airbags aren't in use
features  *****          5          it is probably the most realistic k'nex car on this site.



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    its allright, ive got stuff going on too . Knex cars and major homework all over my house.

    haha lol same :/

    Hi . are you going to build any new cars like these . cant wait if you are.

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    Erm, I'm honestly not sure, I think I will try and think of a plan to build in the next holiday (hopefully) The exams and school stuff is killing everything off :((((( and I am sorry for the late reply, again loads of homework, rubbish and other stuff going on :/

    not to dissapoint you or anything, but It is long demolished, I might see if I can make it again looking back at these pictures, the first one was some instructions and the other two were mods which I could follow

    I will definatly try, thanks for those nice comments and rating I realy apprieciate that =D

    no, i did not copy it,
    yes, my mom dose have a mini cooper. :3

    you know what.. this is excellent... 5* only thing for me, i think you should use bigger tires :) other than that, marvelous

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    Thanks =D I completly agree with the tires but I couldn't fit bigger ones becuase of the small wheal arches, the airbag rods also would get close to the wheals if I were to

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