my knex trophy truck with suspension

can show pics of other cars i have

built by cutting and fitting and hot gluing knex pieces together.

i have one more like this but in buggy for with independent suspension all around.

held up by rubber bands.

check my profile instructables for more

*UPDATED* re did the rear end suspension it is much better and painted it
cardboard is the side pannels and under the is the skid pan as you see on all offroad race cars/trucks<br><br>trust me you cant build a truck like this without cutting and gluing peices together iv tried many many times.
i agree with everyone on this , you dont need to cut up knex pieces. but, i want to see what else you have made. i m working on making a big pre runner.
Why don't you just build it without cutting and glueing parts together?
Its ok, I guess. Why so many destroyed and glued pieces?
Whats with the tape, cardboard and glue?
I think you should show how you buikt it

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