Picture of Knex m1 carbine
Oh my god It's here! my carbine...


60+ feet range with rod bullet and no fins (with only 2 #64 rubber bands...!) Or 100+ feet (with 5 #64's)

around 50+ or so feet per second (my Ak-47 with same mechanism and power got that...might post if get requests)

power = 1 inch penetration of very thick cardboard box with sharpened red rod on yellow connector at 1 foot of range =) Or with 5 rubber bands at a few feet with a yellow rod on yellow connector it pierced all the way and the connector went halfway through the box. =)

magazine: don't work as a magazine because its a sling mechanism (they own) but it can hold bullets:number varies on type of bullet)

stock: from the winchester

made to compete with: I don't know, maybe all those carbons with clip trigger system?

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Step 1: Parts lists =)

I've always wished all Knex guns had these... so I made one for you!










blue 3d:5




Y connector:10

Step 2: Barrel

Picture of Barrel
carbine 006.jpg
carbine 045.jpg
carbine 057.jpg
carbine 034.jpg
carbine 043.jpg
The short thin thing on the front of the rifle. Here are instructions

1: what you're making

2:make 2

3:supports on 1



6:connect and done!

Step 3: Body

The hardest part... get ready

1: make



4:make. trigger parts

5:more trigger parts

6:and some more trigger parts

7: bit blurry but put top of trigger in

8:put bottom in and done!

Step 4: Magazine

Picture of Magazine
carbine 048.jpg
carbine 024.jpg
carbine 053.jpg
carbine 056.jpg
pretty simple. just a place to put extra bullets really.

1:make 2


3:make 2


5:connect and done!

Step 5: Handle/stock

Picture of handle/stock
carbine 017.jpg
the same as the one on the winchester rifle but a diffrent handle.

make the stock here(credit to tomboyrme)

2:handle. make 2

3:top view

Step 6: Connecting

Picture of connecting
carbine 013.jpg
carbine 027.jpg
The final step!

1:stock/handle to body

2:body to barrerl

3:body to magazine

This gun is done!

Step 7: Loading+firing

hot to load and fire

1:lock the trigger

2+3:rubberise the trigger

4+5: rubberise the barrel

6: put bullet in place

7:pull to fire

Step 8: Total pwnege

Picture of total pwnege
lol look at my pwnege puppy dog!
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ThePwnster1 year ago
Yo dude! the pics on this are really blurry
If you want me to, I can make a new instructable with a lot clearer pics, interested?
Kona-chan1 year ago
love it!
once i turned it into a M1 Garand
and once i turned it into a sniper riffle
good job!
but me mag doesn't really has a function
I will try to convert it an m14 ebr
Dashadower3 years ago
is there any accetories for this gun?
Dashadower3 years ago
this gun owns!!!!!!!!
I built it. went like 110 feet!
Dashadower3 years ago
do you need that?
looks more like an m14.
but m14's look better than an m1 carbine!
the stock is a little skeletal. but good job anyways!
darknighte94 years ago
tthomasvd5 years ago
I did want to to say what that guy demomdragon that you did make first what you want to make.Then how in steps.. better then by other guns1 :D:D:D:D I give you a rate for 3,5 for the gun and +1 for the instructions that mean I give a 4,5 for the gun.and that instructons im gonna tell it in normal english (at least i try)
What i dit want to say.That that i cant translate my own words???
why dont you create some sights.anyway pretty good gun i will try to build it when i have time.use some grey connectors for the back sighthttp://youtube/m1 carbine/.com
maxtheman4 years ago
nice gun!
please. really.

matttav5 years ago
what is a 3d;5
KnexFreek5 years ago
Uhmmmm... ALL MY SLING GUNS HAVE MAGS. And pumps... And one has a lever............
tomm05055 years ago
YAY! A working M1 carbine! My new primary!
Just finished making it and the stocks very wobbley... still good though!
sdds5 years ago
nice gun !owns. 5.0!
PiTBuLL8925 years ago
lol that will pwn anything, any day, anywhere!!!!
dannyboi1235 years ago
cute =)
dannyboi1235 years ago
could u try to get another pic
dannyboi1235 years ago
can u reply what is it in the yellow box?
dannyboi1235 years ago
wot does blue 3d:5 mean
dannyboi1235 years ago
is it semi atuomatic
dannyboi1235 years ago
alot of pices
stopanator5 years ago
clip removable
could you take better pictures and repost this? i think that would make this a lot easier to build.
jj654565 years ago
tthomasvd5 years ago
I mean instructions :P
take out the cartridge then u Got a M1 Garand
please post ak-47
dynno976 years ago
Congrats. You made it to the top ten in the Best WW2 Knex guns!
what an achievement...
dont be sarcastic
because you have control over me...
hungyhipo 26 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
benfoxg (author)  hungyhipo 26 years ago
yes I know just make the m2 carbine it's a whole lot better.
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