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Introduction: K'nex Carousel

This is the k'nex carousel I displayed on the "kermisexpo" at Dordrecht (The Netherlands).

The video didn't go trough editing caus I only have these few seconds of video so far.
There's music playing from underneath it, and if you look closely, you actually see the horses moving.

Brought to you by DutchDetails :-)



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I'm glad you like it, but at the left side of your keyboard is a button called "Caps Lock" so if the "caps lock" light on your keyboard is lit, please hit that button and disable it.

That reply doesn't work when some of the comment is lowercase.

im very good i just dont have enough parts for something as large scale as that.

Man dutch details is like taking over.... too many dutch knex builders.

Well I shoudln't say too many i should say there aren't enough good American builders.

There are a lot of good builders all around the world.
If the majority would just stop building "guns".


Klopt helemaal. Trouwens, ga je een handleiding maken hiervan. Het ziet er geweldig uit!

Hij staat nog, dus als ik eens tijd en zin heb kan ik hier en daar wat detailfoto's nemen en een kleine instructie maken.
Maar verwacht die niet te snel.

Agreed. Sometimes I feel guns have taken over instructables. I see something like this and I remember that there are things apart from guns.

Great Job!