video Knex cat cage
This is one of my older builds,it includes my cat leo,knex,and christmas lights.the door locks with a knex pin,and the sides are like ones in a jail cell.
plumeri11 year ago
jmagistad3 years ago
I love this cage almost as much as the upgraded version! Love the music and nice cat, by the way!
megamax12199 (author)  jmagistad3 years ago
thanks for the nice comment, and i bet your cat looks nice too!
knexboy5863 years ago
wash ur knex after destroying that
megamax12199 (author)  knexboy5863 years ago
This build is really old, and i always clean my knex after a build.Thanks
shieldsam3 years ago
cute, buy nasty :D
megamax12199 (author)  shieldsam3 years ago