first of all ill like to say this isnt my design the guy who buildt it is called ACDC5968. He dosent have a instructables channel but a youtube channel. He makes a lot of catapults and trebuchets. But anyway i didnt think that his instructions were so clear so i made some on instructables.

So you likey sure you do now lets get building!

- Joshuacope01

Step 1: Launcher

this is the thing that launches the ammo!

Step 2: Some Important Bits'n'bobs

these are just important (-:

Step 3: The Base

this is the base... Simple (-:

Step 4: Assembly

yay the fun part youre nearly done (-:

Step 5: String

this is the annoying part but it has to be done!

Start by cutting 2 15 inch long pieces of string

Then put them on like shown

Step 6: Ammo!


Step 7: How to Load and Fire!

start by folding the stopper down

Then turn the handle until the catapult hits the ground

Then load ammo

Then push the end of the stopper down


Step 8: Youre Done Congratz

congratz youre done have fun!

Ps. The last picture is of are rabbit write in the comments if you think that he is cute!!!


that is brilliant!! great design thank you.
<p>Thanks so much! </p>
<p>Hey I didn't realize someone actually made this. I'm glad my design is good for everyone great tutorial by the way, and thanks for the recognition very much appreciated. </p>
<p>Awesome design!</p>
<p>Awesome design!</p>

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Bio: I like building stuff and sailing. I also love fishing
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