Knex Catapult Pistol





Introduction: Knex Catapult Pistol

I have searched the internet, and I haven't found any catapult k'nex guns that are like this. So I fixed that. Have fun!

Step 1: Parts List

 red 3 slot = 5
yellow 5-slot =14
white 8-slot = 7
green 4-slot =10
grey 1-slot = 12
tan 1-slot = 6
blue 7-slot = 6
grey 2-slot = 1
orange 2-slot = 12


y-connector= 2

Step 2: The Top

 Follow the pictures.
If you have questions, ask.

Step 3: The Throwing Arm

Follow the pictures.
This is the part that will chuck the piece of your choice as far as possible.

Step 4: The Handle

 This is probably the hardest part of building the gun, but it's still relatively easy.

Step 5: Attach the Handle and the Top

 Just follow the pictures and you should be fine.

Step 6: The Trigger

I don't really need to say anything here.

Step 7: Attach the Trigger and Arm


Step 8: Rubber Bands

 I knotted three rubber bands together for this gun, but if you don't want to, you don't have to.

Step 9: The Fancy Stuff

 These next steps are not necessary, but they allow the gun to stand up and they look cooler.

Step 10: How to Fire

Bend the arm back all the way, put a piece on, and pull the trigger.

But if you leave the arm sticking straight up, it will break, so bend it all the way back.

If you have any improvements or mods to my gun, post them.
But just give me credit
Have fun with my gun!



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    Oompa-loompa made and posted a catapult pistol, however he deleted all of his ibles.  This is why he shouldn't have taken all of them down.

    3 replies

     I'm confused, why shouldn't he have taken them all down?

    They were so good. 

    they were very good


    thx i'm finished and it works fine!
    this mechanism is so cool, it gave me some ideas!
    im thinking of building 20 of these, then setting them in a row, and let them all fire at the same time!
    do you have any ideas what to fire at?

    Nice idea. I was going to build Oompa's but he deleted all his 'ibles. May build this weekend.

    1 reply

    Great! Tell me if you think there is anything I need to fix.

    Even though Oompa-loompa posted one like this, he deleted it. So this is the first right now.

    And it is still very cool!


     I'm glad that you like it.

    no problem