I have seen allot of similar ones, but they are for iphones, Mp3 players, psps, nintendos, and flip phones.  This is for slide phones.  It can hold them up or open.  It even has an attachment for a sandisk card.

wont tip
it can be plugged in on it

Not large enough for some slide phones, an easy fix by making the red grays
No wire coiler

Step 1: Parts List

4 red or greys depending on phone
3 yellows
5 blues
7 whites
2 green

4 yellow
8 red
3 2slot grays
2 1 slot grays

2 gray spacers

Step 2: Legs and Holder

Pic 1 make 2
Pick 2 get theese
pick 3 put them together
pick 4 make this
pick 5 finish it off

Step 3: Sandisk Holder (optional)

This is simple but effective
pic 1 make this
pic 2 attach

You should really update that picture in the inteo
cool.<br /> <br /> My bro has the SAME desk!<br />
My guess is that a lot of people have that desk.
Yeah.<br />
That's awesome he has the same desk, thanks for the comment.<br />

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