Hello, and an merry christmas!
This gun is an model -> it doesn't shoot, but it has some features:
- Full size
- movable charging handle
- movable trigger
- removable magazines
- good looks
I built this gun, because the G3 looks sexy, and it is one of my favorite guns in CoD 4
This is not the cod4 version tough, this is the G3A3, the one in cod is the G3A4 version. This one does not feature an collapsable stock.

Credits go to:
- Senior Waffleman for his scar handle, i changed it bit tough
I wish I has an airsoft Steyr Aug, But theyre illegal were I live.
Well, airsoft is illegal in holland too, but I still have 3 guns. I ordered them from the internet
Does it fire? If so 5*
No, it doesn't. This gun took up almost all my pieces, so I had none left for an firing mech
Cool, I received an Airsoft Beretta 92 as well.
Nice, gas, spring, aep?
Just a basic Spring pistol, did you take the orange tip off of yours?
Mine is an springer to, but it has all beretta trademarks and markings on it. It didn't came with the tip. Airsoft is illegal in holland, so I ordered it via internet. And none of the 3 guns i bought there had the tip.
What were the other 2 guns you bought?
spring mp40 and spring m14
Btw: thanks!
You're Welcome!
Nice ga je hem posten? <br>
Hij is gepost nu
thx, misschien wel, morgen of anders in het weekend
this is awesome!
Very hard gun to replica. You got a lot of things spot on. But the barrel seems to bend.
I think it's the picture angle that makes it seem bent, i'll look at that later today.<br>Thanks tough
I think the old version is better.
Yeah, i tought that the barrel on the old version was too long.
Looks great. =)
No problem, my friend. =)

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