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Introduction: K'nex Compound Bow

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https://www.instructables.com/id/Compound-Bow/Here's a compound bow i made using various other bow designs from around the web. I used the k'nex loopin' lightning rollercoaster kit for the peices. It is quite large compared to most other bows on this site measuring a whopping 2 feet. It has an effective range of 40-50 feet.This means it can cause damage up to that distance, but the arrow will fly up to 70 feet or more if you don't hit anything. And yes, before anybody says anything about it not having cams, look at pic#9, you can see that i used 2 grey rollers on the end of each limb as the cams, so this is a true compound bow, not a recurve or elastic powered. Another benifit of the arrow rest design i used allows the rod(arrow) to fly straight. It doesn't flop or spin sideways in the air. This bow uses so many pieces(237) :o that I could not explain in words how to make. I used Darth Tso's design as the basis for the main body. After that i added almost everything you see to the bow including the limbs, handle, sight, and arrow rest. The link to the original is at the top of page. This is the first k'nex anything i've ever made, so don't go on about how crap it is. :L I would aprreciate positive comments, and constructive critisism.

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Looks good, Works well, great job!

The only problem with something like this is that it would really mess up your grey rods.

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He said it gets 70 feet. I imagine it will shoot at least 50 feet.

I haven't built it, so that is just a guess.

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that rabbit is soo cool!

ad wheels at the ends

nice bow dude

do you have any ways to strip it of some pieces so i get nearly the same performance without using so many pieces?